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26 June 2008

What to Wear??

A Fanciful Twist's E-Party is quickly approaching! I'm trying to pick my outfit, which of these six outfits do you think I should "wear"?




Image sources on flickr


Poochie said...

I like row 2, left. But the hats in the first row are gorgeous too!


Anonymous said...

Your options are soooo sublime, I can't even handle it!!!!! Oh my gooooodnessssssss!!!!!!!!

The Paris Apartment said...

Absolutely to die for! They're all my style, but where to where, that is the question...but then again, if you don't have the dress, you won't go to the ball!

flutterbyblue said...

I agree about row two left...but I'm partial to feathers -- definitely "wear" one of the hats!

My current options are looking relatively tame in comparison - but I do plan on "wearing" a fancy Venetian mask to tea!

Anonymous said...

Top row, right, hands down!

Sherry said...

Oh you've done some wonderful posts for Vanessa's party -- each one delightful!!