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31 July 2008

Chic and Charming is all about...


The Chic and Charming technocrati word cloud, as generated by wordle.net. Isn't it cute? I discovered wordle via my new twitter friend Kris Colvin.

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30 July 2008

Tracy Reese for Keds

Are you a fan of Plenty Frock by Tracy Reese? I am! She makes the most darling dresses. Tracy Reese has recently teamed up with Keds to make a line of cute little shoes, inspired by her other designs. I can't wait! I've been needs some new stylish, yet sensible footwear! The line will be available in March 2009 at keds.com. All styles will be under $85.

Image from fashionweekdaily.com

Hobo Chic

Little Edie was doing Hobo Chic before Mary Kate was even born.

Images on Flickr
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29 July 2008

James McAvoy

So, I did not fully appreciate the hotness of Jame McAvoy until just this very minute. Perhaps everyone else realized this after watching Atonement or Becoming Jane, but I came to the realization after watching Penelope. The boy is H-O-T. *swoon*

Image from collider.com
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If you build it...

...they will (not) come. So, a few weekends ago I spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday installing a spanking new forum on Girls Guide to Blogging. I've been over there more or less alone, talking to myself, for weeks (except for when Miss Cedar dropped by). Why don't you pop on over and see what you think...I'm getting awfully lonely! While you are at it, you can sign up to become a member of the GG2B community too!

27 July 2008

Movies with Style: Penelope


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Penelope. It is like Anthropologie exploded all over a movie.

Penelope is a cute movie with serious style and a sweet message. It is entertaining enough for the kiddies, but stylish enough for those of us who have long since graduated from primary school. I really want Penelope's hair and wardrobe, which looks like its been lifted from Anthropologie and given an extra shot of whimsy. Even my husband enjoyed Penelope, his favorite part is when she gets drunk. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, personally I am going to purchase it the next time I am at Tar-jay to add to my collection of stylish feel good movies. I suspect it will be in heavy rotation. I may even dress up as Penelope this year for Halloween.

Images on flickr

26 July 2008

Adventures in Real Estate

In which Sophia details the trials and tribulations of purchasing your first home.

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A pinch of glamor


I was completely inspired this morning by tres lola's post, "How To Inject Glamour Into Your Day." She asked her readers to leave comments with how they add glamor to their days, and I had too many ideas to leave in a comment, so I'm writing a little post with my ideas for a few ways to be more glamorous:
  • Indulge in a body cream or bath wash that smells like your favorite perfume
  • Bring in a photograph of interesting makeup from your favorite magazine to Sephora and have them do your makeup to match...take your new look out on the town for drinks.
  • Silk lined, elbow length leather gloves
  • Take swing dancing lessons
  • Own the sidewalk
  • Be fabulous
  • Drink Classic Cocktails
  • Monogrammed high thread count sheets in pure white
  • Wear hats when you dress up
  • Wear seemed stockings and a silk slip
  • Keep fresh cut flowers in the house
  • Travel extensively and fill your wardrobe and home with things you've pick up abroad, for example hang a vintage silk kimono from a flea market in Tokyo on your living room wall. Can't travel? Cruise ebay.
  • Go to the opera
  • Invest in real artwork, have it properly framed
  • Wear an apron to cook
  • Eat vosges truffles and drink champaign
  • Chanel a style icon: Holly Golightly, Amlie, Cher
Images sources on flickr

24 July 2008

Mad Men's Peggy


Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) kind of got the shaft in season 1 of Mad Men. Sure, she was promoted to copy writer from secretary...but her clothes were no where near as cool as the other women on the show and she was kind of prissy and hormonal. This was primarily because she gained tons of weight...due to a pregnancy she knew nothing about until the baby popped out. I wonder what happens to the baby in the season two?!

Image Sources on Flickr

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23 July 2008

Mad Men Season 2 Clips?

I think this *might* be new footage, from season 2 of Mad Men... I would have remembered Betty in the lingerie...correct me if I'm wrong!

For more, check out AMC and a couple little spoilers are on Zap2it.

Mad Men's Betty


My heart really goes out to Betty Draper (January Jones), wife of the main character Don Draper. Her husband is a charmer, and a cheater. Betty is a little messed up from all the neglect, but at the end of season 1, in classic passive aggressive fashion, she lets her shrink (who regularly reports to Don) know that she knows her husband is a cad. I'm looking forward to seeing how things go for Betty in season 2, whatever the outcome I'm sure she will be dressed to kill.

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22 July 2008

Scarf 101

I've always wanted to be one of those terribly chic women who was able to wear a silk scarf without looking like a grandmother. Behold, a website that gives detailed illustrated instructions and some interesting styling ideas for silk scarf enthusiasts like myself. The instructions are all in another language, but the figures are quite clear Perhaps now I will finally be able to rationalize purchasing a Hermes silk scarf!

Zemanta PixieImages from acemiler.net

21 July 2008

Mad Men's Joan


Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks), the office manager, is my favorite character on Mad Men. She is a little slutty, super saucy and terribly glam. I'm pretty positive when Roland Mouret designs his famous curve hugging dresses he envisions Joan's curvaceous figure. In my opinion Joan is by far the sexiest woman on TV today.

Zemanta PixieSources on Flickr

20 July 2008

Mad Men Obsession

After watching the entire first seasons of Mad Men on demand last week, I am feeling inspired to do a series on Mad Men style. Look for some super stylish character style profiles over the next few days.

Image from getkempt.com

19 July 2008

Offer Accepted!

I am currently in the process of purchasing my first home! Fingers crossed that everything works out. Here is a sneak peak...





17 July 2008

Make that Two Etsy Designers!


So, I was browsing the etsy forum to see what the etsians had to say about Leanimal and discovered that last night's winner Kelli Martin is ALSO on etsy...and her etsy shop Antilabel is still pretty affordable! So, if you were a fan scoop up one of her 5 pieces from etsy before someone else does! By the way, from viewing her work on etsy it seems bleaching and dying pieces like she did with her winning design last night is a major part of her aesthetic...I predict there is more marbleized fabric on the way.

Image from etsy.com

Etsy Designer on Project Runway!!


So, I had a wee bit of insomnia last night and so I flipped on the TV around 1:30 AM and found there was a new episode of Project Runway on my DVR...yay!! As the new designers were introduced I learned that an ETSY designer had made it on to Project Runway. Not only that, but one of my friends owns one of her pieces, which she purchased on etsy! The designer is LeAnne Marshall and her line is Leanimal which is availible on etsy and her website. Frankly, I've been kind of obsessed with her immaculately constructed jackets for months, which are feminine and a little Victorian. *le sigh* Well, I will never be able to afford one now!!

I know I'll be tuning in with renewed vigor to root for LeAnne! Good Luck! I hope you win!

Images from etsy.com

14 July 2008

Free False Lashes

Why so sad model? Did you also miss out on the FREE eyelashes and application from your local Shu Uemura Tokyo Eyelash Bar? My friend "Scarlett" and I called today to try and schedule appointments for our complimentary lashes in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the first Shu Uemura boutique...and sadly we were denied. Scarlett, a natural blond, is terribly upset about the whole thing, she has light eyelashes which desperately need perking up with falsies. After hearing about the lash bar, she decided that she could not live another day without trying out some luscious lashes. Sadly, now she will have to go to Rite Aid and try a DIY number. I hope she doesn't glue her eyes shut, she is an false eyelash novice after all. If you have a nearby Shu Uemura, you should call ASAP to see if you can still sign up for your free falsies!

Image from Shu Uemura

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13 July 2008

Perfect Gift


Friends, Lovers, Children, Teachers...everyone will love to have their name or favorite word spelled out in one of these creative works of art from Sticks and Stones.

Image from createsticksandstones.com

12 July 2008

Live The Fabulous Life of Amélie Poulain


  1. Red chair
  2. Wall mounted bathroom mirror with shelf under
  3. Red fitted sheets, orange quilt, white pillow and top sheet
  4. Couch: Red velvet embossed with a design and matching pillows
  5. Green TV
  6. Green horse statute
  7. Michael Sowa Artwork
  8. Blue lamp
  9. Red bell shaped Christmas light strands, strung along the living room wall
  10. Baroque patterned red wallpaper
  11. Iron bed frame
  12. Red wallpaper with gold swirls, as well as yellow and red polka dots
  13. Candles
  14. Random collection of slightly garish lamps with frilly shades
  15. Pig sculptural base, wearing green bathrobe, holding up lamp/lamp shade
Amelie's Accessories:
  1. Red beret
  2. Black Dr. Marten type shoes with black socks
  3. Little black book for recording information about current schemes

Amelie's Clothing:
  1. Red shirt with subtle stripe
  2. Dainty slip, white cotton with lace trip, as night gown
  3. Red mid calf skirt with embroidered trim
  4. Burgundy jacket, slightly big (perhaps a sweater jacket with brown cloth covered buttons)
  5. Deep Red v-neck sweater
  6. Military inspired brown jacket, perhaps velvet with priest collar and slight flair in the back
  7. Red v-neck sweater with interesting texture and pattern-slight yarn color variegation
  8. Black, large collar satin trench coat with large lapels
  9. Green v-neck short sleeve button down shirt-tibbed, very thick lace neckline and sleeve trim.
  10. Black mid calf skirt with high waist
  11. Black half apron
  12. Red sweater with lace and one button/attachment, long dot pattern, pockets
  13. Black dress with small white polka dots, 2 inch straps, square neckline
  14. Zorro costume
  15. Pink shirt, black polka dots, ruffle bottom

Amelie's Associates:
  1. Ex-Army Doctor Father who worked at a spa before retiring
  2. Her childhood neighbor's comatose wife
  3. Blubber, the goldfish
  4. Suzanne, the cafe owner, and her boss
  5. Georgette, the Tabbaconist
  6. Gina, her coworker
  7. Hipolito, an out of work writer
  8. Joseph, Gina's ex-lover
  9. Philomene, photographer of garden gnomes
  10. Philomene's Cat
  11. The Glass man: Raymond
  12. Madeleine, the scorned wife of a rogue who ran off to South America
  13. Lucien, the grocer assistant, who treasures nicely formed produce
  14. Blind metro panhandler
  15. Nino, the eccentric collector and unpopular child
Amelie's Hangouts:
  1. Canal Saint-Martin
  2. The Metro
  3. The two wind mills
  4. Raymond's apartment
  5. Photo booths
  6. The fresh market

Amelie's Favorite Things:
  1. Looking back at people's faces in the dark of movie theaters
  2. Noticing details no one else notices in movies
  3. Dipping her hand in sacks of grain
  4. Cracking creme brulee with a teaspoon
  5. Skipping stones
  6. Surprising strangers by returning their lost goods anonymously
Amelie's Least Favorite Things:
  1. When people don't watch the road when driving in old movies
  2. When people lie to her about the tragic results of her picture taking
  3. When people make fun of others who can't defend themselves
  1. Dominque Bretodeau's secret Santa
  2. Revenge on mean spirited neighbors
  3. Waitress at the Two Windmills
  4. Giving blind men verbal tours
  5. Match maker
  6. Letter forger and mail tamperer
Image sources listed in the description of each picture on flickr

10 July 2008

Old Married Couple

In which Sophia discovers she has become one half of an old married couple

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Comme des Garcon for Louis Vuitton

Presenting one of the Louis Vuitton bags designed by Comme des Garcon for LV's 30th anniversary (in Japan). While all the extra handles on bag at first glace seem utilitarian, I think in the end they would make it terribly awkward. I would probably end up carrying this bag as a handbag, from the longest handle, if heaven forbid I ever found myself carrying a LV monogram bag. While I find this bag pretty interesting, I hope some of the other designs are a bit more avant-garde. [via The Cut]

Zemanta PixieImage from the Cut and Louis Vuitton

09 July 2008

08 July 2008

Spotted...Blair Waldorf Diamond Initial Neckalce

I was watching (or should I say re-watching) the "Hi, Society" episode of Gossip Girl, the one with the debutante ball...and spotted a new, very cute detail. The beautiful Blair Waldorf was wearing diamond encrusted white gold initials on a necklace during the scene where she is talking to the NYT writer. She had a "B" and a "W" in block capitals. Overstock.com has an exact match for this fabulous necklace, surely at a fraction of the cost. Personally, I am a little more into the swirly, script initials...and may just purchase an "S" for myself in the near future.

Image from Overstock.com

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06 July 2008

Who wore it better?

John Mayer or Sacha Baron Cohen?

Images from aolcdn.com and huffingtonpost.com

03 July 2008

Bookworm Meme

I've been tagged! I think for only the second time ever!

1. Pick up nearest book
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the next 3 sentences
5. Tag 5 people, and acknowledge who tagged you.
The Book:
The Bombshell Manual of Style

The excerpt (a little more than requested, but there were not exactly sentences on page 123):

From a list of "The Twenty-Four-Hour Bombshell Soundtrack:"

Morning Exercise (Floor and Shower)

Robert Mitchum, "Momma Looka Boo Boo" (so much cuter than Harry Belafonte's rendition)

Xavier Cugat, "Mambo No. 5"

Ella Fitzgerald / Louis Armstrong / Eartha Kitt, "Let's Do It"

Frank Sinatra, "Come Fly with Me"

The Tagger:
Dramatis Personae

The Tagged:
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02 July 2008

Indirectly ask Sophia

Fiona over at Daddy Likey periodically does posts featuring her answers to question posed via google "keywords" that directed readers to her site. I find this feature fabulously amusing, and after looking over the keywords which sent readers to The Charming Dandy over the last few weeks I knew there were some men out there in need of direction:

Two searchers would like to know: "Do women was their arms?"
Yes...sometimes they do. Personally, I do not.

One searcher queried "Dust your Sweetie"
FYI: after looking around online, I discovered this is the product name for edible body powder.

My response to "Hairless Male Actors" is to tell you that while Mario Lopez (Slater from Saved by the Bell) claims to be naturally hairless...word on the street is he actually waxes. By the way, the most popular page on Charming Dandy is currently my article about if men should wax their body hair.

"How did high waters become fashionable?"
In terms of male fashion, I point you towards Thom Brown.

In response to the search for "Khaki Tuxedos:"

"Male Actors' Armpit Hair" is not something of personal interest to me, so there is not really much I can say on that subject.

Finally, "Men Waxing in Champaign" leaves me totally speechless.

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I know it is kind of old news...but I totally love this clip of Mary-Kate on Letterman.

01 July 2008

Yum! Yum! Haagen Daaz

I was at the grocery store today and saw a sign for a new Haagen Daaz flavor...Fleur de Sel Caramel. Doesn't that sound simply divine? Tragically, they they did not actually stock the flavor yet, so I could not even try it!

While I was on the Haagen Daaz website grabbing this picture I ran across a few other interesting tidbits. First, they have caught on to the "snack size" craze and make some scrumptious looking coffee, almond and chocolate ice cream bars. Second, Haagen Daaz has also taken on the plight of the honey bees, which have been suffering a great deal lately.

Image from Haagen Daaz