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17 July 2008

Etsy Designer on Project Runway!!


So, I had a wee bit of insomnia last night and so I flipped on the TV around 1:30 AM and found there was a new episode of Project Runway on my DVR...yay!! As the new designers were introduced I learned that an ETSY designer had made it on to Project Runway. Not only that, but one of my friends owns one of her pieces, which she purchased on etsy! The designer is LeAnne Marshall and her line is Leanimal which is availible on etsy and her website. Frankly, I've been kind of obsessed with her immaculately constructed jackets for months, which are feminine and a little Victorian. *le sigh* Well, I will never be able to afford one now!!

I know I'll be tuning in with renewed vigor to root for LeAnne! Good Luck! I hope you win!

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WendyB said...

Love the first piece!

Girl-Woman said...

Loving structured jackets, too.
Adding you to the Fashion Web Tour for the weekend.