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14 July 2008

Free False Lashes

Why so sad model? Did you also miss out on the FREE eyelashes and application from your local Shu Uemura Tokyo Eyelash Bar? My friend "Scarlett" and I called today to try and schedule appointments for our complimentary lashes in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the first Shu Uemura boutique...and sadly we were denied. Scarlett, a natural blond, is terribly upset about the whole thing, she has light eyelashes which desperately need perking up with falsies. After hearing about the lash bar, she decided that she could not live another day without trying out some luscious lashes. Sadly, now she will have to go to Rite Aid and try a DIY number. I hope she doesn't glue her eyes shut, she is an false eyelash novice after all. If you have a nearby Shu Uemura, you should call ASAP to see if you can still sign up for your free falsies!

Image from Shu Uemura

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Anonymous said...

I bought my own Sticks and Stones last year and now I'm buying them as gifts. Did you see the cute story behind how they started the company? Makes me happy to support a true family-owned business. Love the blog...keep up the awesome recommendations!!! Kate in SoCal