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02 July 2008

Indirectly ask Sophia

Fiona over at Daddy Likey periodically does posts featuring her answers to question posed via google "keywords" that directed readers to her site. I find this feature fabulously amusing, and after looking over the keywords which sent readers to The Charming Dandy over the last few weeks I knew there were some men out there in need of direction:

Two searchers would like to know: "Do women was their arms?"
Yes...sometimes they do. Personally, I do not.

One searcher queried "Dust your Sweetie"
FYI: after looking around online, I discovered this is the product name for edible body powder.

My response to "Hairless Male Actors" is to tell you that while Mario Lopez (Slater from Saved by the Bell) claims to be naturally hairless...word on the street is he actually waxes. By the way, the most popular page on Charming Dandy is currently my article about if men should wax their body hair.

"How did high waters become fashionable?"
In terms of male fashion, I point you towards Thom Brown.

In response to the search for "Khaki Tuxedos:"

"Male Actors' Armpit Hair" is not something of personal interest to me, so there is not really much I can say on that subject.

Finally, "Men Waxing in Champaign" leaves me totally speechless.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is more likely, men waxing in champagne (a new ritual for the upscale glitterati?) or men waxing in Champaign, IL.