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29 July 2008

James McAvoy

So, I did not fully appreciate the hotness of Jame McAvoy until just this very minute. Perhaps everyone else realized this after watching Atonement or Becoming Jane, but I came to the realization after watching Penelope. The boy is H-O-T. *swoon*

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a. said...

He was super sexy in Atonement and Becoming Jane! I didn't see Penelope.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Laugh at me. I thought he was hot as Mr. Tumnus in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." I'm not kidding. It's his eyes. Oh, and he's hot in "Last King of Scotland." Full frontal nude. Love it!!! Rent it today!

Anonymous said...

I first discovered his hotness in the scifi mini series 'Dune'. Check it out.

Eleanor Magpie said...

Trolling the internet on a hunt for Penelope, partly because I'm in love with the whole look of the movie, partly because of him! Not really sure why I'm doing this instead of just watching the movie again!