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12 July 2008

Live The Fabulous Life of Amélie Poulain


  1. Red chair
  2. Wall mounted bathroom mirror with shelf under
  3. Red fitted sheets, orange quilt, white pillow and top sheet
  4. Couch: Red velvet embossed with a design and matching pillows
  5. Green TV
  6. Green horse statute
  7. Michael Sowa Artwork
  8. Blue lamp
  9. Red bell shaped Christmas light strands, strung along the living room wall
  10. Baroque patterned red wallpaper
  11. Iron bed frame
  12. Red wallpaper with gold swirls, as well as yellow and red polka dots
  13. Candles
  14. Random collection of slightly garish lamps with frilly shades
  15. Pig sculptural base, wearing green bathrobe, holding up lamp/lamp shade
Amelie's Accessories:
  1. Red beret
  2. Black Dr. Marten type shoes with black socks
  3. Little black book for recording information about current schemes

Amelie's Clothing:
  1. Red shirt with subtle stripe
  2. Dainty slip, white cotton with lace trip, as night gown
  3. Red mid calf skirt with embroidered trim
  4. Burgundy jacket, slightly big (perhaps a sweater jacket with brown cloth covered buttons)
  5. Deep Red v-neck sweater
  6. Military inspired brown jacket, perhaps velvet with priest collar and slight flair in the back
  7. Red v-neck sweater with interesting texture and pattern-slight yarn color variegation
  8. Black, large collar satin trench coat with large lapels
  9. Green v-neck short sleeve button down shirt-tibbed, very thick lace neckline and sleeve trim.
  10. Black mid calf skirt with high waist
  11. Black half apron
  12. Red sweater with lace and one button/attachment, long dot pattern, pockets
  13. Black dress with small white polka dots, 2 inch straps, square neckline
  14. Zorro costume
  15. Pink shirt, black polka dots, ruffle bottom

Amelie's Associates:
  1. Ex-Army Doctor Father who worked at a spa before retiring
  2. Her childhood neighbor's comatose wife
  3. Blubber, the goldfish
  4. Suzanne, the cafe owner, and her boss
  5. Georgette, the Tabbaconist
  6. Gina, her coworker
  7. Hipolito, an out of work writer
  8. Joseph, Gina's ex-lover
  9. Philomene, photographer of garden gnomes
  10. Philomene's Cat
  11. The Glass man: Raymond
  12. Madeleine, the scorned wife of a rogue who ran off to South America
  13. Lucien, the grocer assistant, who treasures nicely formed produce
  14. Blind metro panhandler
  15. Nino, the eccentric collector and unpopular child
Amelie's Hangouts:
  1. Canal Saint-Martin
  2. The Metro
  3. The two wind mills
  4. Raymond's apartment
  5. Photo booths
  6. The fresh market

Amelie's Favorite Things:
  1. Looking back at people's faces in the dark of movie theaters
  2. Noticing details no one else notices in movies
  3. Dipping her hand in sacks of grain
  4. Cracking creme brulee with a teaspoon
  5. Skipping stones
  6. Surprising strangers by returning their lost goods anonymously
Amelie's Least Favorite Things:
  1. When people don't watch the road when driving in old movies
  2. When people lie to her about the tragic results of her picture taking
  3. When people make fun of others who can't defend themselves
  1. Dominque Bretodeau's secret Santa
  2. Revenge on mean spirited neighbors
  3. Waitress at the Two Windmills
  4. Giving blind men verbal tours
  5. Match maker
  6. Letter forger and mail tamperer
Image sources listed in the description of each picture on flickr


WendyB said...

You're thorough!

Anonymous said...

Sophia - you are AMAZING! This is a perfect post.

But I wanted to let you know that B&B awarded you a Premio Award! You can go here to see it.

Love you, girl!

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT POST... lots of work!
Love this movie... truly one of my all time favorites!

blair said...

ahh, j'adore amelie!

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing in the bonus cd that the sets are similar to the artwork by a Portuguese (I think) artist. The adding of one strong color, like blue or green. Does anyone remember the name?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love this post!! I am so in love with the movie.

Faster Sven said...


I tried following the link to the "Pig sculptural base", as I'd _r_e_a_l_l_y_ like to get my hands on one of those, but sadly the link is dead. Do you know where to find one?



gt said...

Pig lamp at which is Amazon in Germany.
There are seven stores that sell them but only one that ships to U.S. AND IT TAKES A MONTH. Next it has to be converted to correct voltage. The plug adapter will not be sufficient. Don't burn down your house. Get a new cord and new bulb housing and that should do it. 250.00 to get it to your door and 20 more to convert it to U. S. Standard.

Faster Sven said...

Thanks gt!

I actually found a shop that shipped one to me for about the cost that you quote, and I live in Europe, so no conversion was necessary.


Abigail Mifsud said...

I adore this post <3 Amelie is one of my most favourite movies of all time.

Abigail Mifsud said...

I adore this post! Amelie is one of my most favourite movies of all time <3