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27 July 2008

Movies with Style: Penelope


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Penelope. It is like Anthropologie exploded all over a movie.

Penelope is a cute movie with serious style and a sweet message. It is entertaining enough for the kiddies, but stylish enough for those of us who have long since graduated from primary school. I really want Penelope's hair and wardrobe, which looks like its been lifted from Anthropologie and given an extra shot of whimsy. Even my husband enjoyed Penelope, his favorite part is when she gets drunk. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, personally I am going to purchase it the next time I am at Tar-jay to add to my collection of stylish feel good movies. I suspect it will be in heavy rotation. I may even dress up as Penelope this year for Halloween.

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Anonymous said...

now i feel like i should run out to tar-jay and buy it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Love Penelope.

Anonymous said...

I have this on netflix. I can't wait to see it!

Leaning Shanty Farm said...

This is on my favorites movie shelf along with Amelie and all my other pretty, girly movies. :) I got it for my birthday mid-July and have watched it probably around 10 times already.

I want to own everything in that movie! I had to watch it twice in a row when I first got it because I didn't catch much of the storyline while I was drooling over the clothes! :)