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26 July 2008

A pinch of glamor


I was completely inspired this morning by tres lola's post, "How To Inject Glamour Into Your Day." She asked her readers to leave comments with how they add glamor to their days, and I had too many ideas to leave in a comment, so I'm writing a little post with my ideas for a few ways to be more glamorous:
  • Indulge in a body cream or bath wash that smells like your favorite perfume
  • Bring in a photograph of interesting makeup from your favorite magazine to Sephora and have them do your makeup to match...take your new look out on the town for drinks.
  • Silk lined, elbow length leather gloves
  • Take swing dancing lessons
  • Own the sidewalk
  • Be fabulous
  • Drink Classic Cocktails
  • Monogrammed high thread count sheets in pure white
  • Wear hats when you dress up
  • Wear seemed stockings and a silk slip
  • Keep fresh cut flowers in the house
  • Travel extensively and fill your wardrobe and home with things you've pick up abroad, for example hang a vintage silk kimono from a flea market in Tokyo on your living room wall. Can't travel? Cruise ebay.
  • Go to the opera
  • Invest in real artwork, have it properly framed
  • Wear an apron to cook
  • Eat vosges truffles and drink champaign
  • Chanel a style icon: Holly Golightly, Amlie, Cher
Images sources on flickr


Anonymous said...

Ooh! A new blog to visit! :) I stumbled across your page through Treslola's website, and I just wanted to say - excellent tips! Thank-you!

Kate @ Tres Lola said...

Thanks for the link up :) I love your idea about filling your home & wardrobe with things picked up while abroad... I love to travel & finding little bits and pieces is a great way to keep you inspired by the memories.

PS: glad I could send Miss Corrine your way :D