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08 July 2008

Spotted...Blair Waldorf Diamond Initial Neckalce

I was watching (or should I say re-watching) the "Hi, Society" episode of Gossip Girl, the one with the debutante ball...and spotted a new, very cute detail. The beautiful Blair Waldorf was wearing diamond encrusted white gold initials on a necklace during the scene where she is talking to the NYT writer. She had a "B" and a "W" in block capitals. Overstock.com has an exact match for this fabulous necklace, surely at a fraction of the cost. Personally, I am a little more into the swirly, script initials...and may just purchase an "S" for myself in the near future.

Image from Overstock.com

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WendyB said...

IMHO, no initial necklace compares with a Boleyn initial necklace :-)

lisa golightly said...

Love your blog and all the Golightlyness of it all ! Merci !

Girl-Woman said...

Great match. Great find. Thanks.

Girl-Woman said...

P.S. I noticed we are off the blogroll? Any probs?

Chic and Charming said...

Girl Woman Beauty Brains is back, I assure you it was removed by accident :)