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06 July 2008

Who wore it better?

John Mayer or Sacha Baron Cohen?

Images from aolcdn.com and huffingtonpost.com


J.s. said...

"Better" implies that there's a "good" to the whole thing, which I find oh-so doubtful.

In terms of who fulfilled the purpose of the product to the greatest extent, I'd have to say Borat. Hiiiiiiiiiigh-five.

Anonymous said...

yikes, neither! Bikini wax anyone!?

WendyB said...

Why my husband won't wear an outfit like this, I just don't know.

mary said...

Do we even need to ask√Č BORAT.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

My eyes! My eyes!

gilda said...

neither! they both need to be shot and hung up by their.....!!!


Armilda said...

It's funny how they look like each other what with their curly hair and sunglasses!!!

But I think JM is hot. I mean, he could start singing 'Your Body Is A Wonderland' in any suit he prefers and he'd still be hot. LOL!