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29 August 2008

Birthday Menu

Amuse Bouche
Blue Cheese and Pear Phyllo Stars

Fried Haloumi Cheese & Squash Blossom Dolma with Walnuts, Sesame & Green Tomato Jam

Papa pomodoro

Lime Basil

Pan roasted sea scallops with garlic shoot mashed potatoes and locally grown baby carrots with oregano

Niman ranch pork tenderloin with crispy fried okra

Heirloom tomato salad with mixed greens, Cabot clothbound cheddar, and balsamic vinaigrette

After Dinner Cheese Sampler from Formaggio Kitchen

Bittersweet Chocolate Parfait, Violet Crème & Violet Macaron

Turkish Coffee, Espresso, Herbal Tea (rose) and Cookies
French Style Macaroons, Madelines, Pecan Chocolate Chip, Lavender Shortbread

Midnight Snacks

Popcorn mixed with peanut M&Ms, Hot Fudge Sundays, Gourmet Smores

*Vegetarian, Vegan and Kosher alternative available

Dishes selected from these menus: Oleana, La Morra, Enoteca Vin, Dean & Deluca

28 August 2008

Party Venue and Events


I might have forgotten to tell you, but I rented the most beautiful mansion for my little soirée! Drinks will be served in the giant living room starting at 5 pm, while we wait for the cool evening air to roll in off the sea. Then, we will dine alfresco and dance under the stars. You are all invited to stay for a midnight swim and then crash in one of the 30 guest rooms. Breakfast, of course, will be served in bed at 11 am (unless you ring for something earlier). I've also arranged for a masseuse, facialist and small army of manicurist to drop by tomorrow morning for a day of pampering and recovery.

You'll hear from me next when dinner is served!

Image sources on flickr


Ana gave me this beautiful necklace! I don't think I'll ever take it off.

My second gift is a fantastic makeup kit full of Kicking Couture's favorite products!

Ooooh! I've just received my first birthday gift from flutterbyblue: Cashew Gateau With Coffee Cardamom Mousse. I'm not sure if there will be any left at party time!

Image from tartelette, polyvore, thethreetomatoes

Guest List for Chic and Charming's First Birthday

Fabulous cocktail images removed at the request of Married with Dinner, check out their "Weekly Drinks" feature for some classic libation recipes and beautiful images.

Starting at 5 pm, waiters in ties and tails will circulate with an array of classic cocktails.

I'd like to introduce all of you to the guests at my first birthday:
  • Abbey from indulge*laugh*create is dressed in a frilly, fun red party dress
  • Annie from Poetic and Chic looks fantastic in red vintage with a super glamorous hat
  • Flutterbyblue is ravishing in green
  • Lollie Shopping will be here soon
  • A beleza de Todas as Coisas traveled the furthest to be here...all the way from Brazil!
  • Kicking Couture looks fabulous in her LBD, I'm looking forward to seeing her hello kitty slippers!
Last minute drop ins are welcome! Leave a comment here to crash the party!

Ooooh! The "jello shots" have just arrived:
"Campari and orange juice, blueberry martini, Rosé Champagne with candied orange peel, vanilla-bean Prosecco, B-52, pear martini, Manhattan, tequila sunrise, gin and tonic."

Images from LAtimes

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello and Welcome to Chic and Charming's First Birthday Party! I will posting all about my first birthday party throughout the day, so keep checking back!

First, my fabulous outfit was put together with the help of polyvore, a great fantasy fashion resource. My fabulous silk gown is the RM by Roland Mouret Abbesses gown. I love the demure keyhole neckline and the flash of pink in the back. I've pinned an adorable little corsage near the neck for a little extra adornment. I had to custom order it extra long to accommodate my 5'11 height + sky high louboutins. For most of the day I plan to wear my white kidskin leather opera gloves, but I am afraid they might get a bit hot. I have a slight smoky eye, which no one will even notice because I will be wearing a killer diadem. In an outfit like this, I just know I will feel like a princess all day. I can't wait to see what everyone else is wearing! I will be posting links to all guest blogs throughout the day.

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27 August 2008

Shoe Lust

Loving Peaches's Shoes...I want a pair.
I also need to find that song.

PS-I tried watching some of the other Corey Kennedy for Nylon You Tube shows...it was kind of like watching paint dry.

26 August 2008

Birthday Badge

Chic and Charming Birthday Badge

Here is the official Chic and Charming first birthday badge! Isn't it cute :)

25 August 2008

10% Off at Pequitobun


On of my very favorite jewelry designers, Sherry of Pequitobun, is offering Chic and Charming readers a limited time discount in honor of C&C's first birthday! For the next week, you can take 10% off of any Pequitobun purchase with the discount code "chicandcharming."


I simply adore Pequitobun's aesthetic and philosophy. Sherry reuses vintage pieces with fabulous gemstones and funky designs. Some of her pieces are extra girly- perfect for girls like me, but others have a bit of an edge- perfect for a girl with a punk rock streak. I'm such a big fan, that Pequitobun is the only online store that I've ever accepted an individual advertising banner from for Chic and Charming. Now I just have to decide what to use my discount on...I'm thinking about "Held Tears" and "Sword and Shield." How about you?

Images from Pequitobun

Chic and Charming Birthday Party!!

invite copy

August 28 is Chic and Charming's Birthday!! In the spirit of A Fanciful Twist, I will be hosting fabulous Birthday Party in honor of my blog's first birthday! If you wish to attend, please RSVP in the comments and write a fun party post on August 28th, perhaps including what you are "wearing" to the party or what you ordered to "drink" at the deluxe fantasy bar! I will publish links to all participants on Thursday!

Currently Loving...

...Rita Hayworth in Gilda

Image from freeinfosociety.com

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24 August 2008

Mad Men Plurk Party!

Jay FairesImage via Wikipedia Hello Darlings,
I'll be hosting my usual Mad Men Plurk Party tonight. Check it out! I wish some of you would drop by and discuss the latest episode!


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21 August 2008

Disney Inspired Dressing

When ever I feel as if I've entered a style rut, I surf polyvore in search of inspiration. Today I'm having a Disney heroine moment, I hate the term "Disney Princess" but I love the idea of grown up style inspired by my favorite cartoons. Here are a few of my inspirations:

I was a little disappointed that there were not more outfits for my favorite characters, Mulan and Meg. Sounds like I might have a weekend project on my hands.

19 August 2008

My deco file is live, finally

My deco file is finally live on Domino's homepage. It does however, still have some bugs. Intermittently the link to my deco file is broken. Their clipping widget does not work with their own webpage, and there is no way to clip some of their images into my decofile. The widget is terribly slow, and it navigates you away from the page you clipped the picture from . Otherwise it is a pretty cute little program.

**Just got an update from Domino, My Deco File is still in "soft launch" phase and so we will be seeing improvements over the next few weeks. The full launch is September 1. I plan to to check it out again at that point, when I will publish a new review and a deco book full of my personal decorating inspirations!
Image from dominomag.com

18 August 2008

Charming Blogs: What Would Joan Holloway Do?

You’re not much. Enjoy the attention while it lasts.

What Would Joan Holloway Do is a delightful little tumble blog that pulls quotes and pictures of our favorite woman from Mad Men together, along with imagined advice from the office vixen.

Discovered via Poetic and Chic

17 August 2008

Mad Men Plurk Party!

Jay FairesImage via Wikipedia

Want to discuss tonight's Mad Men in real time? Join me for live Mad Men chat on Plurk.


PS-I just started following Don Draper on twitter!

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My Deco file for Domino

Am I blind? Or is there no link to "My Deco File" on the domino magazine homepage? They have a full page feature on their new photoscrapbooking tool, and yet I am totally unable to find it. I even searched the website, and no results! Am I wrong? Can anyone send me a link? I'd like to try it out. Right now I use tumblr to clip my design inspirations.

Image from domino

15 August 2008

Chic Women: Michele Lamy

Excerpt from "Goth's Feminine Side" from the New York Times 14 August 08:

“SO, I was at Les Deux Cafés in Los Angeles a few years ago,” enthused Nancy, who wears Rick Owens as often as possible, and was telling me why. “I was sitting by the door in a halter top, shivering a little. And this drop-dead fabulous older woman comes in: tiny-skinny, smoking; wild, black witchy-woman hair; wearing this very clingy Morticia-Addams-meets-Ginger-Rogers look, with her skirt dragging on the floor. Gobs of big wonderful rings. She looks at me and asks in her French accent, ‘Are you cold?’ And she rips this absolutely incredible leather jacket off her body and throws it around my shoulders.”


“Then she sashays away, looks at me over her shoulder, wags her finger and says, ‘Don’t forget, on your way out!’ ”

Did she instantly become your role model for life?


Doesn't that story just send you into a style swoon? How fab-u-lous, like having a goth fairy godmother moment, we should all be so lucky.

Image from dianepernet.typepad.com

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I NEED the top half of this outfit. I will cry if they are only selling the new capsule collection by Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo for H&M in NYC and Tokyo.

Image from fashionista

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Chic and Green Tote

I am super excited to announce the first piece of Chic and Charming merchandise, the Chic and Green Tote. I've already ordered a few for myself and I can tell you that they are as functional as they are beautiful. Personally, I take my tote bag(s) along on every shopping trip so that I don't increase the enormous pile of shopping bags in my recycling bin. The Chic and Green Tote is great for groceries. I always get compliments when I stash my latest purchases from J.Crew or Anthropolgie in this cute little bag instead of the usual store issued disposable bag. You can buy your own Chic and Green Tote to "Leave a Stiletto Sized Footprint" for $19.99 over at Chic and Charming Designs.

Other products are in the works, and I will continue to announce new additions here on Chic and Charming. If there is anything that you would like to see me design, or any of my designs from C&C that you would like to see on a product, leave me a comment!

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12 August 2008

Download your own Kelly


Download, print and create your own Hermes Kelly.
Party favor, wrapping paper, invitation, lunch box, treasure box...the possibilities are endless.

Image from Hermes

11 August 2008

Super Sweet Sixteen Brats Exiled Abroad

Just saw a preview for the newest MTV show..."Exiled" and I am super excited. Basically, the MTV execs convinced the parents of spoiled sweet sixteenagers to exile their spawn to a developing country for a reality check. It kind of looks like Paris Hilton goes to refugee camp. On girl in the Peruvian mountains ("I thought Peru was an island") tells her host that she "only drinks bottled water" when they go to fetch water from a pristine mountain stream. Her host later says that sometimes she says really stupid things. Quite amusing.

06 August 2008

Did Katie Holmes fire her stylist?


Dear Katie,
You were doing so well! We were all impressed by your mildly creepy stepford wife perfection. I loved you look, I wanted your look. How could something so right go so wrong so fast? What the heck is up with those jeans, and what happened to the rest of your wardrobe? Was it lost in some tragic fire? Are you traveling and the suitcase with all of your pants went missing? Did Tom give all your money away, leaving you a pauper who can only afford jeans leftover from the early 1990s, that for some mysterious reason you have chosen to style like a 60s school girl? Seriously, I thought this was a once time mistake, but you just won't let it drop! Please preserve you status as a style icon by rehiring your old stylist and buying some new pants.


Zemanta PixieImages from Jezebel

05 August 2008

Chic Women: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy


I know that I am not alone in my admiration for the style of France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. If Coco Chanel was the "la reine du beige" (the queen of beige), Carla is surely "la reine du pourpre" (the queen of purple). I really enjoyed her interview on 20/20 and I'm probably going to buy her sultry album, which will be released in the US imminently. I hope designers are as inspired by her style as I am!

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03 August 2008

Live Plurk Party: Mad Men

Mad MenImage via WikipediaFor my fellow Mad Men obsessives, I've started hosting live plurk parties to discuss the episode in real time. This week I was mainly discussing with myself, but hopefully some of you will join me next week. To see what I had to say go check out the Party Trascript.

I prefer to do this on plurk than twitter because people can opt not to follow the thread on plurk if they do not want to see spoilers, and everyone can see you replies there, not just me. I plan to host Project Runway and Gossip Girl parties as well! I'll post party links here on C&C a few minutes in advance of each show that I am watching live (which should be most). So, if you do not already have a plurk account, sign up today and add Chic and Charming as your friend.

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GG2B Sunday Five

Here are my top five posts from the Girls Guide to Blogging Community last week: