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06 August 2008

Did Katie Holmes fire her stylist?


Dear Katie,
You were doing so well! We were all impressed by your mildly creepy stepford wife perfection. I loved you look, I wanted your look. How could something so right go so wrong so fast? What the heck is up with those jeans, and what happened to the rest of your wardrobe? Was it lost in some tragic fire? Are you traveling and the suitcase with all of your pants went missing? Did Tom give all your money away, leaving you a pauper who can only afford jeans leftover from the early 1990s, that for some mysterious reason you have chosen to style like a 60s school girl? Seriously, I thought this was a once time mistake, but you just won't let it drop! Please preserve you status as a style icon by rehiring your old stylist and buying some new pants.


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FB @ said...

She left her sense of style at home

I hate those baggy rolled up pants. Ick.

Anonymous said...

This was the funniest post I've read today.

I concur...she must have fired her stylist and then dressed in the dark!

Caroline said...

no way! i absoutely love those pants. hah!

Anonymous said...

U've got an interesting blog!Will be checking it out often!

Unknown said...

Yes- I have to agree with you on the whole thing. Also, she is starting to look more and more like her Tom. The boyish clothes and now the haircut. Not a fanof this look. Daisy~

Annie Spandex said...

If not, she should have a long time ago...