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03 August 2008

Live Plurk Party: Mad Men

Mad MenImage via WikipediaFor my fellow Mad Men obsessives, I've started hosting live plurk parties to discuss the episode in real time. This week I was mainly discussing with myself, but hopefully some of you will join me next week. To see what I had to say go check out the Party Trascript.

I prefer to do this on plurk than twitter because people can opt not to follow the thread on plurk if they do not want to see spoilers, and everyone can see you replies there, not just me. I plan to host Project Runway and Gossip Girl parties as well! I'll post party links here on C&C a few minutes in advance of each show that I am watching live (which should be most). So, if you do not already have a plurk account, sign up today and add Chic and Charming as your friend.

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