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27 September 2008

Charming Blogs: Eddie Ross


Eddie Ross is one of my favorite contestants on Top Design (with the exception of his little broken vase hissy fit last week). In a little bit of a chicken and the egg situation, I cannot decide if Eddie works at Martha Stewart because he rocks her design aesthetic, or if working at Martha has shaped his design aesthetic. I am guessing a little of both. I also really love his clothes, the man rocks ascots and bow ties.

So, I was super excited to find his blog today via Desire to Inspire. My favorite section is his "Object of the Day" feature, where he presents found objects along with a little bit of history, some suggestions for use and beautifully styled photographs.

I also really love his before and after section, especially this article about the transformation of a column side table into chic mini bar.

Images from Eddie Ross
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25 September 2008

Sera of London

I discovered Sera of London, a British shop and interior design firm via Design Shimmer. Sera appears to be a blogger favorite, having previously been featured on Paris Apartment, London Times Online, and Designers Block. I have design on the brain as I continue to decorate my new condo. Of course, I have the limitations of $$, space, existing furniture and a husband. Without said limitations lets just say my condo would definitely be decorated a great deal like those pictured from Sera of London.

24 September 2008

This Photo of Brad Pitt is Too Bizarre

An old woman all in pink searching for buried treasure. Brad Pitt dressed up like a modern, 87 year-old version of the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. Biff, complete with badminton racket and navy sweater tied around his neck. And a cabana. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Brad to the woman in pink: Lets meet up for some shuffle board later!
Woman in pink: You are already dressed the part (gives thumbs up).
Biff: I'm in the wrong picture! Which way to the Country Club?

Via Jezebel.

Put the Blame of Mame

For you viewing pleasure, check out the lyrics here.

21 September 2008

Wedding Shoes

I think that these shoes from Charlie Max would be the perfect shoes for a bride. I am quite tall, so I personally wore flats when I got married so that I would not be taller than my husband. If I had seen these shoes, I would have purchased them for my wedding day in a heart beat. Perhaps for another woman they would be best as a second pair of shoes, for when she got tired of wearing heels. These $129 shoes are made of white silk with blue embroidery, satisfying your requirement for something blue! They also have leather soles making them perfect for dancing the night away! Purchase them here: Charlie Max

Image from Charlie Max

17 September 2008

Spring 2009 Hair Accessories


Dear Ralph Lauren and Lacoste,
I know hair accessories have been on the brain, between Blair Waldorf's head bands and Mad Men's occasional chic little hat. One would hope these muses would inspire designers to create fabulous new head coverings. As you know, in her Spring 2007 collection Miuccia Prada sent out jewel toned silk turbans. These turbans occasionally appeared in fashion spreads and were all over the blogosphere, but were picked up by very few actual consumers. It has not been quite long enough since the Prada turbans for turbans to be a novelty and create the same buzz. Plus, your turbans are a little fug. Diane Von Furstenburg's floral circlets are more commercial, if a bit of a throwback to the Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 floral liberty headbands. I'm pretty sure that these romantic little accessories will be the darlings of fashion editors...leaving little room on the heads of models for turbans this season. How about turning to Ingrid Bergman in Indiscreet or Isabella Blow for inspiration next season? Especially you Ralph, middle eastern style head gear is so over.


P.S. SO, as it turns out, Ralph Lauren's hats were designed by Isabella Blow's favorite milliner, Philip Treacy. Thanks for the correction Easy and Elegant Life. I feel a bit silly! But, I still stand by my belief that turbans are just a bad idea. And by the way, I'm kind of in love with Easy and Elegant Life. I encourage you to all go and check it out!

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16 September 2008

Would you Digg Fashion?

Digg revoltImage by jacobian via Flickr Have you ever noticed that many social bookmarking and blogging websites ignore the category of fashion entirely?Our community does not get the respect it deserves, which when you think about is quite bizarre.

Fashion and women's lifestyle bloggers are, after all, exactly the demographic that almost every advertiser wants to target.

We are aspirational, and luxury brands have taken notice...Chanel flew Bloggers over to Paris for a junket!

Most of us have plenty of disposable income.

We are the taste makers of the internet.

We write reviews, we recommend products, PR reps even send us swag to promote their products.

We are a large community, with social networks, well developed microniches (daily outfit journals, high fashion blogs, Cheap and Chic, Chic and Green...etc) and even online blogging tools (polyvore) dedicated to us.

Venture capital has even taken notice and funded some of the large women's interest blog networks.

So, why do website like Digg ignore us entirely?

Miss Elle from Broke and Beautiful has finally taken action and posted an online petition to have fashion added as a category on Digg, which I think would be fabulous. Don't you?

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12 September 2008

Free Calling Cards

Hello Darlings,
I've just been emailed by a company called BizCard which has shared that they offer free business and calling cards. In order to get free cards you must use one of their pre-made designs which tend to look a little corporate, but free is free.

The Fine Print: I do have to note, I have not tried this service, so I cannot personally recommend it. Please leave a comment if you have experience with the company and I will move it up into the main body of this post as a PS. I just thought I would share the opportunity. I also wanted to let you know that while they have an affiliate program, I am NOT a part of it, so I have nothing to gain from this.


11 September 2008

Serena's Sautoir

Did you love Serena Van der Woodsen's Hair in Summer Kind of Wonderful? I did.

Vivre sent out a mailer this morning featuring a Sautoir by Vera Wang, which reminded me a great deal of necklace that Serena wore in her hair in the recent episode of Gossip Girl, Summer Kind of Wonderful. At first I thought Serena's hair jewelry was a lariat, which is still may well be, but I am also pretty certain it could be referred to as a Sautoir.

What is a Sautoir?

A sautoir (soh-TWAH) is a very long necklace (longer than opera length), typically rope style, with pendant or tassel hanging from its end. The necklace style was popular in the Edwardian Period, as Queen Alexandra often wore them. In modern times, sautoirs are often grouped in with lariat necklaces. Technically, I think a lariat is a type of sautoir, as lariat necklaces are long, rope like necklaces which have a loop or clasp that leaves both ends hanging free. I believe Vera's necklace is, in fact, a lariat, which she called a sautoir to make it seem a bit fancier.

Here is a great example that I found at a shop called Caroline's Jewelry with a Past, how perfect would this necklace look wrapped in your hair? I predict a new trend...


Images from broke and beautiful, Fash Eccentric, Vivre, Carolines Jewelry

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10 September 2008

The Chococlock...You Know You Want One

This clock delivers a delish mini chocolate truffle, every hour on the hour.
You know you need one.

08 September 2008

Gossip Girl Plurk Party

From left to right: Dan, Serena, Chuck (top), ...Image via Wikipedia Chat Now: Live Link

Hello Darlings,
Tonight I will be hosting another Gossip Girl plurk party to discuss "Never Been Marcused" in real time. What do you think Chuck will have in store for Blair and new royal beau?


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The revival of calling cards

callng cards

What is a Calling Card?

I absolutely adore calling cards, and I've been meaning to write an article about them for the past several months. The Art of Manliness has beaten me to it, and I see no need to spend ages writing an article that has already been written so well. You really MUST go read it!

I will add a few words about modern applications of the calling card and some resources for those out there interested in stocking up on calling cards.

Why Should I have a Calling Card?
  • College: Calling cards in college serve two purposes: making friends and impressing employers (also see dating). Think of a calling card as a less pretentious business card, which allows you to network with potential summer employers, professors and recruiters at job fairs. Handing a recruiter a calling card PLUS a resume makes it twice as likely that they will remember who you are after meeting hundreds of eager students. Calling cards are also useful for keeping in touch with suite mates over the summer and helping that cute boy from chemistry remember your name long enough to "friend" you on facebook.
  • Old fashioned social networking: Not all networking happens online. Human interaction is not to be underestimated in its ability to find new readers for your blog or land your next job. Handing out a calling card is especially preferable when looking for a new job. Do you really want to only give a future employer your contact information at your current job--because that is the only information on your business card. Handing out calling cards when networking also helps form relationships with contacts that transcend the work place, making it easier to keep your contacts when you change jobs because contacts have your gmail address, in addition to your former work address.
  • Dating: Do you want to be remembered as Sally Smith the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep? How about as a nameless phone number scribbled hastily on a bar napkin (Hello...is this Sarah, oops, I mean Sally)? No, no...you would much prefer to have gentlemen callers who call you at home (not at work) and remember your name.
  • Child Rearing: Play dates, carpools, moon walk birthday parties...after having children your social landscape will change forever. Coordinating the many activities of your offspring should probably not go through your office secretary if you are working mother, so you don't really want to hand out your work number or office email address to coordinate that paint ball trip this weekend. On the other hand, you might be a stay at home mother, in which case you still need a quick means of exchanging contact information with Brian's new best friend's mother from the playground. I also find cards which include your child's name to be helpful to all parties involved.
Where can I buy a Calling Card?

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06 September 2008

Abigail Lorick, Spring 2009

So, I am not quite as impressed with the Spring 2009 collection of Lorick as I was with her original collection, which was featured on Season One of Gossip Girl. I did however, see many pieces that I found intriguing.

I have to note that the models are wearing Amy Winehouse ballerina flats . Can't every look at those shoes the same way.

I like the random magnifying glass necklaces, I find them very inspirational. It is a little bit old lady, a little bit old money and very quirky.

I kind of love the hats, especially the yellow hat.

I wonder if this dress is the "pointillism oyster print" Lorick talks about in the You Tube interview.

I love the green color, but really I am totally obsessed with the little white gloves. I need Abigail Lorick's white gloves...they are divine! Quirky, old fashioned, perfect.

P.S. The jewelry reminds me a lot of Subversive. Does anyone else agree?

Images from Coutorture

05 September 2008

Gossip Girl: Blair's Fake Bake

I know conventional wisdom says that a girl should wear white with a tan, but Blair, honey, you've taken things just a bit too far. We know you spent the summer on the Riviera, but I really thought a girl as into her looks as you would know to wear sunscreen! AND if you did know better, and faked it...perhaps next time a few shades lighter?

Image from iluwfashion.blogspot.com

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02 September 2008

Chic Women: Mary Blair

Mary Blair is the woman responsible for the design in some of Disney's early, dreamy full length feature cartoons. Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty...Mary Blair did concept art for all of these movies.
Its a Small World was entirely designed by Mary Blair. Even if you aren't a huge fan of the ride, you have to admit that the concept art and the ride's design are absolutely fantastic.One day perhaps I will be able to afford some original Mary Blair concept art, until then I will be content with coffee table and Children's books: The Art and Flair of Mary Blair, Cinderella, I can Fly, or Alice in Wonderland. Alternatively, I could spend hours perusing the Mary Blair flickr photo set or watching fabulous Disney movies.

01 September 2008

Gossip Girl Plurk Party, Tonight!

Ed Westwick (aka Chuck on Gossip Girl)Image by angela n. via Flickr

Hello Darlings,
Tonight I will be hosting a Gossip Girl season premiere plurk party to discuss "Summer, Kind of Wonderful" in real time. I cannot wait to see how Chuck, Nate, Dan, Serena, Jenny and most of all Blair have faired this summer. Blair and Chuck's reunion should be classic.


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