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06 September 2008

Abigail Lorick, Spring 2009

So, I am not quite as impressed with the Spring 2009 collection of Lorick as I was with her original collection, which was featured on Season One of Gossip Girl. I did however, see many pieces that I found intriguing.

I have to note that the models are wearing Amy Winehouse ballerina flats . Can't every look at those shoes the same way.

I like the random magnifying glass necklaces, I find them very inspirational. It is a little bit old lady, a little bit old money and very quirky.

I kind of love the hats, especially the yellow hat.

I wonder if this dress is the "pointillism oyster print" Lorick talks about in the You Tube interview.

I love the green color, but really I am totally obsessed with the little white gloves. I need Abigail Lorick's white gloves...they are divine! Quirky, old fashioned, perfect.

P.S. The jewelry reminds me a lot of Subversive. Does anyone else agree?

Images from Coutorture

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