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27 September 2008

Charming Blogs: Eddie Ross


Eddie Ross is one of my favorite contestants on Top Design (with the exception of his little broken vase hissy fit last week). In a little bit of a chicken and the egg situation, I cannot decide if Eddie works at Martha Stewart because he rocks her design aesthetic, or if working at Martha has shaped his design aesthetic. I am guessing a little of both. I also really love his clothes, the man rocks ascots and bow ties.

So, I was super excited to find his blog today via Desire to Inspire. My favorite section is his "Object of the Day" feature, where he presents found objects along with a little bit of history, some suggestions for use and beautifully styled photographs.

I also really love his before and after section, especially this article about the transformation of a column side table into chic mini bar.

Images from Eddie Ross
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Missy Wertz said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my photo blog. You were asking about whether an herb was used in cooking back in the days of old. (The sepia photo.) Those were apothecary jars. I really cannot remember if I took the photo in Williamsburg Apothecary or at a "Revi" Re enactor's Medical Tent. There was a Revolutionary War Re-enactment going on that weekend. Very interesting photo ops.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I have never seen the show but maybe I should check it out...sounds fun! Thanks for visiting me today, it is nice to come over and visit you too! I love the name of your blog! :)

Lorie said...

I have never watched Top Design! I know! Sad! But I am going to check out the links! Maybe I will fall in love with him via your blog!

Shannon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to go check out his Object of the Day page!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Thanks for you comment on my blog!Your blog is fun!

I love Martha Stewart and her magazines. Thanks for the links to Eddie Ross's blog, etc. said...

Oh, I had no idea he had a blob, thanks so much for sharing this! And thanks for visiting One Pretty Thing. I find the best blogs by checking out the comments!!!

Julie @ Belle Maison said...

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm loving yours!!! I can't wait to check out Eddie's blog...I really do like him and his design style!

Ivy Lane said...

I just found his blog 2 days ago.. love it... he is really quite talented.. I think he has innate talent and that working for Martha is helping to fine tune it...

please sir said...

I love his work too - I've been following for quite some time and just love it!

Viva La Style said...

Love your blog!

I catch Mad Men every week and I love your scoop pictures and other Mad Men write ups.

I also watched the first season of top design and loved it, so when it came around again I now make sure to catch every epi.

Thanks for the blog drop, I added him to my favs because I ADORE style for less.

Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

you have the art work so you will make it.....delightful new Year celebrations.