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11 September 2008

Serena's Sautoir

Did you love Serena Van der Woodsen's Hair in Summer Kind of Wonderful? I did.

Vivre sent out a mailer this morning featuring a Sautoir by Vera Wang, which reminded me a great deal of necklace that Serena wore in her hair in the recent episode of Gossip Girl, Summer Kind of Wonderful. At first I thought Serena's hair jewelry was a lariat, which is still may well be, but I am also pretty certain it could be referred to as a Sautoir.

What is a Sautoir?

A sautoir (soh-TWAH) is a very long necklace (longer than opera length), typically rope style, with pendant or tassel hanging from its end. The necklace style was popular in the Edwardian Period, as Queen Alexandra often wore them. In modern times, sautoirs are often grouped in with lariat necklaces. Technically, I think a lariat is a type of sautoir, as lariat necklaces are long, rope like necklaces which have a loop or clasp that leaves both ends hanging free. I believe Vera's necklace is, in fact, a lariat, which she called a sautoir to make it seem a bit fancier.

Here is a great example that I found at a shop called Caroline's Jewelry with a Past, how perfect would this necklace look wrapped in your hair? I predict a new trend...


Images from broke and beautiful, Fash Eccentric, Vivre, Carolines Jewelry

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Anonymous said...

Serena's hairstyle is beautiful-the necklace also!! I also think a new trend will be coming along.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a lariat officially has a clasp, whereas the Sautoir would need to be tied to itself or simply left to drape? Just speculating...

dee said...

This is so cool...I love this!

A said...

I love the look, but how does it all stay in place all day long??

Angela said...

beautiful hair style. i had it done once for my sis' wedding and the stylist use about half a bottle of hairspray. at the end of the night after taking off all the 40 pins, my hair stayed up without help.