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21 September 2008

Wedding Shoes

I think that these shoes from Charlie Max would be the perfect shoes for a bride. I am quite tall, so I personally wore flats when I got married so that I would not be taller than my husband. If I had seen these shoes, I would have purchased them for my wedding day in a heart beat. Perhaps for another woman they would be best as a second pair of shoes, for when she got tired of wearing heels. These $129 shoes are made of white silk with blue embroidery, satisfying your requirement for something blue! They also have leather soles making them perfect for dancing the night away! Purchase them here: Charlie Max

Image from Charlie Max


Anonymous said...

What a charming pick! Love it.

Polka Dot Bride said...

I have my eye on the green ones- how gorgeous are they

Linda Thai said...

they are some seriosusly cute flats!

james said...

thanks for sharing!! Frankly today it is easier to fetch the wedding shoes online, look at picture books and get them custom made and also fly across the continent and get a few i would like to share some interesting article about wedding shoes on

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes. I love that they don't match!

Zarebski said...
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