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16 September 2008

Would you Digg Fashion?

Digg revoltImage by jacobian via Flickr Have you ever noticed that many social bookmarking and blogging websites ignore the category of fashion entirely?Our community does not get the respect it deserves, which when you think about is quite bizarre.

Fashion and women's lifestyle bloggers are, after all, exactly the demographic that almost every advertiser wants to target.

We are aspirational, and luxury brands have taken notice...Chanel flew Bloggers over to Paris for a junket!

Most of us have plenty of disposable income.

We are the taste makers of the internet.

We write reviews, we recommend products, PR reps even send us swag to promote their products.

We are a large community, with social networks, well developed microniches (daily outfit journals, high fashion blogs, Cheap and Chic, Chic and Green...etc) and even online blogging tools (polyvore) dedicated to us.

Venture capital has even taken notice and funded some of the large women's interest blog networks.

So, why do website like Digg ignore us entirely?

Miss Elle from Broke and Beautiful has finally taken action and posted an online petition to have fashion added as a category on Digg, which I think would be fabulous. Don't you?

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