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31 October 2008

Dita Von Teese Halloween Costume

The final reader that I promised to design a fantasy costume for is A girl in the World who wanted a mysterious, dark, glamorous costume. I have chosen to design a Dita Von Teese costume for her. This Roland Mouret dress, long glove combo is unmistakably Dita! Personally, I would put on some of her signature, fabulous undergarments as well...only I would be the only who knew I was in costume down to my panties!

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Angelina Joile Halloween Costumes

For the Price Family's colorful, naughty Mom costume, I went with Angelina Jolie in her colorful red carpet looks. You could certainly go way sexy with this costume, but I am proposing a Angelina costume based on her earth mother side, with just a hint of naughty...like the W photos recently shot by Brad Pitt. I came up with two costume ideas, because soon to be mommies deserve to look hot too! The final touch would of course be to write GPS coordinates corresponding to Angelina's children's birth locations in sharpie on your arm. The ultimate fantasy accessory for this costume would, of course, be Brad Pitt.

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Betty Draper Halloween Costume

For Alysa's Preppy, Classic, Cheerful costume I chose Mad Men's Betty Draper, specifically Betty's riding outfit, because what could be more preppy? Grey pants, fabulous black riding boots, a thin fitted black turtle neck and a small white men's cashmere sweater. I would totally wear this outfit in real life. The costume is completed by perfectly pinned back hair and minimal makeup.

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30 October 2008

Frida Kahlo Halloween Costume

Fog and Thistle wanted a casual, bohemian-chic, artsy Halloween Costume, so I chose Mexican master painter Frida Kahlo. To make this costume work, you really must thicken your eyebrows, either with pencil or fake eyebrows (I've seen them at costume stores!). Etsy has some great headband options with really vibrant flowers, but you cannot clip to polyvore! Fresh flowers are another great option. Major jewelry is another must for any Frida costume.

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Isabella Blow Halloween Costume

Steff wanted an eclectic, girly, proper fantasy Halloween Costume, so I designed a costume inspired by Isabella Blow. The outfit includes the iconic Philip Treacy "Blow" hat, a draped Grecian white strapless dress, interesting, yet proper white sandals and a red lip.

I love that this costume is so stylish, and yet just a little bit conservative. Isabella Blow is one of my favorite fashion icons of all time. The hats! I adore the hats...so of course this costume is all about the hat.
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29 October 2008

J. Crew Cashmere Care Set

I love this J. Crew Cashmere Care Set. I personally seem to have a lot of problems with pillage on my sweaters, and this cashmere comb would come in super handy! I'm a little confused by the hanging cedar ball, isn't there a hard rule against hanging knits?

28 October 2008

FYI: Lucky Magazine Contest

Could not resist passing this along to Chic and Charming readers, Lucky magazine is holding a contest to see how you style your jeans for a night out on the town. If you win, you get featured in the magazine, which is pretty fab. You will need an uploadable picture of yourself in a stylish denim ensemble to enter. Just remember me when you are famous...

27 October 2008

Support Unifem

Unifem, the United Nations Fund for Women, is currently asking for support in a petition to bring attention to violence against women. Show your support, add your signature here.

26 October 2008

Charming Blogs: Fiscal Smarts

Behold, the face of a modern financial adviser. Emily Starbuck Gerson writes blog posts featuring credit advice for younger consumers on creditcard.com. I'm charmed by her fresh approach, valuable advice and super useful links. In this time of economic uncertainty I think learning more about credit and finances are especially important. Emily does a great job of making this usually dry information accessible and entertaining with posts like "Emily's list: 'Beverly Hillbillies' edition" and "That's So Raven' teaches valuable credit card lesson." My only wish is that she would write more articles and less lists!
Image from blogs.creditcards.com

25 October 2008

LeLapinTriste Paper Dolls

I want to introduce you today to a new etsy artist with whom I have fallen head over heels in love: Lisa Perrin. Lisa designs the most magnificent paper dolls, they are truly works of art ready to be framed and displayed in your home. I especially adore the Marie Antoinette and Anne Boleyn dolls, whose heads come off. I was super excited to see that there is currently a buy three get one free sale! Happy shopping!

Image from etsy.com

24 October 2008

Are you obsessed with Bubble Wrap?

There are few simple joys in life as fabulous as popping those little individual plastic bubbles on a piece of bubble wrap. This calendar takes advantage of that nostalgic joy by providing a daily bubble. This would make a fabulous stocking stuffer. Order at Bubble Calendar.

23 October 2008

I'll design a Halloween Costume for You on Polyvore!

Hello my darlings!
I was stumbling around the internet this weekend and I came across a fabulous idea! A girl over on yahoo posted saying she would design 5 outfits for the first 5 girls who replied first to her post. So, I am going to design fantasy Halloween costumes for the first five girls who comment on this post. Leave comments with three adjectives that define your personal style and I will incorporate them into a fantasy costume design for you :).


18 October 2008

A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Party

This was supposed to be posted on my website on Saturday as part of A Fanciful Twist's Halloween party, but I made a mistake and it did not post while I was away on Vacation! Tragic!

I started preparing for A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Party by putting together an inspiration board on Polyvore. Of course, my fantasy Halloween costume has to be beyond glamorous! Ultimately I decided to be a raven for Halloween.

Don't you just love this raven costume? I wish that I could afford to wear it in real life! I plan to wear my hair in loose raven black curls. I might not wear the blush from the MAC makeup look, to keep myself a bit paler. I will also wear the magnificent feather eyelashes from Shu Uemura swirl couture by Viktor and Rolf.
I'm not one to share my tricks, but I will let you in on my treats, I will be distributing Vosges Day of the Dead Skulls to all the fiendish gouhls that I run across at the Halloween Party. My personal favorite is the Barcelona Skull, with hickory smoked almonds + grey sea salt + deep milk chocolate.

Images from Vosges and Polyvore

15 October 2008

A Call to Action: Save the Mount

Edith Wharton, author of the Age of Innocence, House of Mirth and the design manifesto The Decoration of Houses, penned many of her works in Massachusetts at her home the Mount. The National Historic Landmark house is absolutely fabulous, especially after its 2006 restoration. Unfortunately, like so many houses in the United States, the Mount is facing foreclosure. In the event of foreclosure, the house maybe be sold to a private individual and closed to the public forever. The foundation that runs the property is currently trying to raise 3 million dollars, which will be matched by an angel donor to pay the 6 million dollar foreclosure bill and save the house.

Image from www.mediabistro.com

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13 October 2008

This is what a woman should look like...


Image from socialitelife.celebuzz.com

12 October 2008

Happy Sunday Lovlies

Image from Photobucket

03 October 2008

H&M You Broke My Heart

I just saw a rumor, which I just know has to be true, over on nitrolicious: The COMME des GARCONS for H&M collection will only be released in limited markets in the United States. Basically, the same exact markets that the Cavalli collection was released in. Please H&M tell me why NYC needs FOUR locations, and yet you choose to ignore so many other major metropolitan cities? What about some love for Atlanta, Boston, Miami and Washington DC? How about all of the other fashion fanatics not near a big city? You could AT LEAST offer the collection online (but, oh wait, you don't sell to Americans online).

I am truly despondent and most likely will have to to purchase on Ebay. I am sure there will be a great selection, since H&M famously does not limit the number of items one can purchase, and thus the first few people in line can grab everything and resell it online, as they did with Cavalli.

Image from NY Magazine