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03 October 2008

H&M You Broke My Heart

I just saw a rumor, which I just know has to be true, over on nitrolicious: The COMME des GARCONS for H&M collection will only be released in limited markets in the United States. Basically, the same exact markets that the Cavalli collection was released in. Please H&M tell me why NYC needs FOUR locations, and yet you choose to ignore so many other major metropolitan cities? What about some love for Atlanta, Boston, Miami and Washington DC? How about all of the other fashion fanatics not near a big city? You could AT LEAST offer the collection online (but, oh wait, you don't sell to Americans online).

I am truly despondent and most likely will have to to purchase on Ebay. I am sure there will be a great selection, since H&M famously does not limit the number of items one can purchase, and thus the first few people in line can grab everything and resell it online, as they did with Cavalli.

Image from NY Magazine


Piper Jacquelyn said...

I apparently need to get more involved in the eBay-ness because I am constantly missing out on the H & M collections....hell, the closest H & M for me anyways is about 500 miles away.

Steff said...

I completely agree. I live in Miami and would love to have an H&M. I fell in love with the store when I last visited New York, they are everywhere over there, I wish we could have one down here.

Anonymous said...

If you post what you want from this collection in November, maybe I here in Amsterdam can get a hand on some of the items you want and I will ship them for normal costs and exact price. Because I like reading this blog...

Anonymous said...

I would love to see these here!

Chic and Charming said...

Thanks so much anonymous, but my fabulous cousin in NYC has offered to go shopping for me! :)

Ivy Lane said...

BUMMER! Well....i live near Cleveland, and know there is no chance they'll release those lovelies here!!! I hope you get some good items on Ebay and share some pics with us of your finds!

Thanks for stopping in on my blog ;)!

Amy C said...

I didnt know about this, I love Comme d G the little picture loos far too tempting!
We just moved and the nerest H&M is over 100 miles away, yikes.
Thanks for visiting me.
I like your blog

Unknown said...

Guess what? We just got H&M recently in Atlanta! I haven't been yet, but I was so excited to see that it was opening. So that's a start for somewhere outside of NYC, I guess!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Just popped by to thank you for the stumbled post today...I appreciate it!

happy day,

Viera said...

Still considere yourself lucky. Here in Australia NO H&M at all!!!!
Our last year holiday in Europe my daughter spent looots of time exploring = shoping in H&M and she loves it (me too).
... and thank you for leaving lovely comment on my blog
Thanks V