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23 October 2008

I'll design a Halloween Costume for You on Polyvore!

Hello my darlings!
I was stumbling around the internet this weekend and I came across a fabulous idea! A girl over on yahoo posted saying she would design 5 outfits for the first 5 girls who replied first to her post. So, I am going to design fantasy Halloween costumes for the first five girls who comment on this post. Leave comments with three adjectives that define your personal style and I will incorporate them into a fantasy costume design for you :).



Anonymous said...

Eclectic, girly, proper. Can't wait to see what you come up with =D

Anonymous said...

casual, bohemian-chic, artsy. Fun idea, looking forward to my virtual costume!

Alysia said...

Preppy, Classic, Cheerful

The Price Family said...

mom, colorful, naughty

A said...

mysterious, dark, glamourous