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06 November 2008

Girls Guide to Blogging Community Links!

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Chic and Charming previews Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Flutterbyblue share a hilarious Obama/McCain Dance off

Lollie Shopping
Lollie Shopping advises on how to stay fashionable during a recession

Broke and Beautiful
Broke and Beautiful writes about dreamy personal style, with beautiful pictures

A[tipp]ical Thoughts by Tipp.
A[tipp]ical Thoughts by Tipp experiments with vblogs

The Glamazon Diaries writes a post about champagne for the Examiner

Inspire Me shares the Rubitone

The Love List has featured Gwyneth's Living Room as a Room du Jour

DC is my Manhattan shares my love of the Gilmore Girls

Parlez vous Moo discusses what the US Election means in Kenya

Marianne in Paris is now a private blog :(

Life in Pink shares some pink electronics

Luxual shares some to die for boots

You are flawed if you are not free amuses us with a story of stolen panties

What Liz Said writes about SATC

Livin' Golden gives ideas for things do to on a crummy day

Tomorrow is another day ponders a promotion

The Modern Gal writes about eating healthy and being Frugal

Your Style Star Presents Perfect Party Dresses

Half Deserted Streets presents a Halloween Bachelorette party

Relentlessly Reading shares pictures of a small flood in her town

Coming up Short answers personal questions on the Sunday Survey

Carrie Lea shares her everyday makeup

SoMi || learning :: exposing :: sharing is organizing an intriguing project, "blog secret"

Twenty Something and Clueless has moved!

New Mommy Rant uses the flylady system to get organized

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I'm on there! Yay!