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25 November 2008

Joan would have to go naked...

Dramatis Personae wrote a post about Joan Holloway yesterday, and it reminded me of something that I had been wanting to write a post on for a while. Designers everywhere have been gushing about Mad Men, the inspirational clothes, the inspirational sets, the inspirational characters. Vintage Office Chic has made a comeback in a major way, and I could not be happier...well, almost.

You see, I'm actually shaped like Joan, well perhaps like Joan and then a little something. At any rate while many new fashions are inspired by Joan, very few of them would actually fit Joan. This is supported by the fact that designers never send Christina Hendricks fancy dresses for events and premieres becuase she is not tiny enough to fit their runway designs. I was somewhat inspired when I followed the links Ashe Mischief shared for stealing Joan's style and found plus sized options...sadly these will probably still have the problem of proportion. I, and many girls with a similar shape, will still have the problem of pencil skirts that fit at the waist but are too tight through the hips, and dress shirts that don't fit my chest *le sigh* I guess in some ways its a good problem to have....but only if like Christina, you like to walk around naked on the weekends, otherwise you either end up looking like an over stuffed sausage or a frump wearing a sack.

Image from AM New York

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Ashe said...

I imagine, like a lot of clothes, it will all amount to tailoring. Which is ridiculous to a certain degree, because we shouldn't have to rely so much on tailoring as people presume we should.

And just wait-- there are a couple of Etsy sellers that I want to feature who make great wiggle skirts/pencil skirts in custom sizes-- it would be very useful for a curvy gal! (And I'm *SO* jealous you're shaped like Joan!)

Ashe said...

p.s. I should also add-- I was appalled to hear at how people reacted when Christina Hendrick's was at a an award's show, and everyone looked at her like she was a leper because she was SO curvaceous and gorgeous and in a fitted glam dress....