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07 November 2008

Must try...


Black Tie Optional by Lipstick Queen, purchase online here or go check it out in person at Barneys. OBSESSED!

Image from Lipstick Queen


NatalĂ­ said...

Wow! I must try it out asap. Looking forward to.

Anonymous said...

I bought this excitedly and couldn't wait to get it

delivered! I have already tried their Saint and

Sinner line, both are exceptionally smooth and

perfect. Unfortunately, the Black lipstick, I don't

know what is wrong with it, but it's very, VERY

chalky and waxy. It almost has the feel of trying to

use a candle stick for lipstick. The color is very

sheer almost grey and would be perfect if it wasn't

for the fact that the lipstick itself clumps up in little

waxy bits as soon as you put it on your lips. I even

contacted Lipstick Queen directly to ask if maybe I

had gotten something from a bad batch. The worst

part is I can't return the lipstick to the store I had it

shipped from since I have already used it over and

over trying to get it creamier, i.e. mixing it with

vaseline and gloss and everyting else I could try, I

SO didn't want to give up on it. But nothing is

working and it continues to leave little waxy clumps

on my lips. I also have yet to hear back from the

Lipstick Queen company. Maybe I should have

purchased the Gloss in Black instead.
I'm so bummed about this. :(

Chic and Charming said...

Just got back from Barneys, the gloss is absolutely the way to go. the lipstick is a bit weak...I think it would def. only work on top of another color and even then the gloss is much more pigmented.