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26 November 2008

Oh Darlings! I am Obsessed!

Behold, my answer to late night insomnia, virtual paper dolls by J. David McKenny. These designs are beautifully executed with plenty of creative period clothing options for four different decades. I find something incredibly soothing about picking out virtual outfits, especially when it comes with top notch fashion illustration, one of my passions.

I first discovered the 1950s virtual paper doll, and I have to say she is probably my favorite. The face brings to mind the Mom in the movie Pleasantville and there are some definite Betty Draper outfit options in the this bunch! What probably really made me fall in love with this set are the marabou shoes and the hold up stockings, if only she came with a garter belt. I want those little white gloves!

The 1960s outfits might be my least favorite because of the lack of variety in terms of outfit bottoms. The little blue booties are super cute though!

How much fun is this 1970s diva? Roller skates! So much fun! Perhaps my outfit choice is a little boring...this could just as well be a modern day girl, but if these sets show anything, it is that there are always timeless options. It also shows that there have been a lot of ugly shoes over the years.

And last, but not least, the 80s. I would DIE to own those boots...why, oh why, can't they make thigh high boots available to the general public? It seems like every time a designer comes out with them they never make it beyond the models. I think this decade also has my favorite hair, love those early Madonna curls!

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Unknown said...

Ohmigosh! I love the tights!

Unknown said...

How CUTE! Love this. Daisy~

Ned said...

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