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24 November 2008

West Elm Globe Pendant Lamp Nightmare

We recently purchased the West Elm Globe pendant lamp for our living room. The design is beautiful and I was SUPER excited to install it. Unfortunately it came with ZERO instructions and a nine foot cord. My husband and I have been tinkering for hours trying to shorten the cord to a reasonable length. We found the assembly instructions online, and they said nothing about shortening the cord. We called the help line, they were no help. They actually told us to hire an electrician, becuase people who spend $130 on a lamp from WEST ELM really want to hire an electrician to install their pendant lamp?! We are about two hours away from returning this damn lamp and buying something from Home Depot or Lowes, where I have had much better luck with customer service.

POST SCRIPT: We figured it out. You need an incredibly small flat head screwdriver to remove the cheap and fragile white plastic screw from the tubular piece that screws into the canopy (the unlabeled piece below F and above G on the instructions). If you find my instructions via Google, our little white plastic screw is cracked from all of our attempts to remove it, hopefully yours will fare better.

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Kate Coveny Hood said...

Well - good for you figuring it out. I can just imagine that scene with my husband - and I know that it would end in returning the lamp. And he's fairly handy! Every "simple" project we start ends up requiring a professional. I don't know why we even try...

Unknown said...

Thank you soo much for this info. This lamp has been sitting in my storage for months now, while I tried to figure out how to shorten it. I would have never guessed those little plastic things were screws. Thanks to you, I weas able to successfully shorten it and not break the plastic screws. Now I just need to cut the cord and actually install it! ha!

Unknown said...

Update: Now is when the nightmare starts. We are hanging this in the entryway of our bedroom (we have a little hallway). To begin with, when we took down the old light, the ceiling had to be painted. No big deal, did that. Then when we tried to attach the mounting plate to the ceiling, it wasn't the right size. Off to home depot, bought an adaptor mounting plate. It didn't really work but we figured out a way to get it to. Then the cord had to be extremely short, think 10". We didn't want to cut the cord that short because we'd never be able to use it again anywhere else, so we tried wrapping the extra cord inside the canopy. Spent about an hour on the ladder trying to mount the canopy. Even tried applying pressure to it with the end of a baseball bat while my boyfriend tried to get the holes to line up to screw it in. 3 hours later, it is finally up. We have the wrong lightbulb in and there are fingerprints all inside of it...leaving that for another night. Ugggggghhh

Chic and Charming said...

Wrapping the chord up into the canopy was a nightmare. Finger prints are a definite issue. At least you are nearly finished.