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13 December 2008

My latest Lush Favorite

Lush is one of my favorite bath product stores. My friends joke that I should actually make commission, as I've probably personally been responsible for dozens of new customers over the last few years (not counting who ever I convince online). Just within the last month, three of my girlfriends from work have become addicted.

It is rare that a new Lush product comes along and unseats one of my standard favorites. I have been loyally devoted to the Butterball Lush Bath Bomb for four or five years. So, I was very surprised to find that the Lush Magic Bath Bomb has emerged as a new favorite. The bath bomb has two layers with a overall herbal and slightly floral scent. Vibrant blue ribbons of color swirl in your bath as the first layers fizzles off, and then pink ribbons start to appear, mixing in places to form a deep royal purple. This bath bomb is just as beautiful as it is delicious smelling.

Image from Lush


FB @ said...

If only I could just get myself to walk into the store without gagging from the overwhelming smells :(

WendyB said...

That sounds like the most exciting bath ever.

Carrie said...

I LOVE Lush!!! My friend graciously gave me a set for Christmas and the scent is incredible. She picked up the almondy bath bomb and although it goes fast it was worth it! The scent alone is so intoxicating it literally filled up my apartment with the almond smell I adore so much. Couldn't agree more with you on this pick!