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01 December 2008

An Ode to Helen Mirren's Chest


Oh Chests of Helen Mirren,

You are a paragon of smooth perfection
After half a century on this earth
You maintain a horizontal direction

As I age I can only hope
for chests as fine as you
firm and pert like apples
and line less skin like new

Images from Vanity Fair and The Insider


Kori said...

Hahaha. Amen to that! She has aged ridiculously well.

Unknown said...

She is gorgeous and I can't even believe she is the age that she is. I don't think she has ever had children though but still she looks fabulous! Have a nice day! Daisy~

Fifi Flowers said...

She is AMAZING! Ode to Miren!!

kate cait sith said...

She's got a better body than most 20 year olds. Shameful, much?