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28 December 2008

Robert Pattinson's New Hair

I just can't help myself ladies, Robert Pattinson is so damn beautiful and I spent the entire Holiday Season lusting over him with my cousin and talking about Twilight. I have not had a celebrity crush since Tom Welling premiered Smallville in 2001, so this is a big event! I'm starting to think that he might be the reason that I'm really in love with Twilight.

A few thoughts on Rob's new look:
  • He is still hot
  • I like that he is no longer a man that uses more hair product than myself
  • It will look like he actually showers daily now
  • His scruffy 3-day stubble looks hotter with short hair
  • I can no longer fantasize about running my fingers through his wild mane, which is kind of a downer
  • It might be a tiny bit easier to hide from fans now
  • I can't help thinking he'll loose his super powers (of attraction) now that he has shorn his hair like Samson (& Delilah). Whatever. It still works for me!
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dancemom77 said...

OMG I am with you on this one! I have spent the past 2 weeks thinking baout HIM and drooling over evry interview I can get my hands on at YouTube! I am re-reading the books just because I do not want to let go of it!

S.Elisabeth said...

Haha, you should check out his best friend, Tom Sturridge, because THAT man is beautiful. I love Rob too, lol, especially his humor. And I definitely love his new cut better.


Fashion Addict said...

I like his new cut better! His hair looked quite greasy in my opinion when he had it longer!

I hope you have a great new year!