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06 December 2008

Twilight, my Supernatural Obsession

Much like with Harry Potter, I came late to the Twilight Saga. The movie had been out for like a week when I stumbled across a copy of the book Tuesday at TJ Maxx, of all places. I thought, huh, $5...might as well see what all the fuss is about. And, well, that my dears is why you have hardly heard a peep out of me this week. Since Tuesday I've watched the movie twice and read three out of the four books!

I first came across Twilight when I saw an extended movie preview on a DVD about a year ago. My husband and I watched and looked at each other with bored expressions... eh... whatever... this trailer did nothing to pique my interest. A few weeks later, one of my girlfriends abashedly asked if I had heard of or read Twilight, she was in the middle of the first book and was completely hooked and maybe a little bit embarrassed to be so into a teen novel. I think she may have described it as a a fluffy, kind of trashy romance novel for teens. That sounded more angsty than interesting and I decided to skip it.

Flash forward to last week. Twilight the movie has pretty much been everywhere and the newer trailers looks much more interesting. Furthermore, half of my blogging friends and even more of my offline friends seem to have read the book. It took 12 bodyguard to protect the lead actor at the movie premiere...from screaming women throwing lingerie at him. What was all the fuss about?? And so, last Tuesday I decided to read Twilight. I devoured it in less than a day.

What makes Twilight so engaging? Why am I so obsessed? I was actually a little bit disappointed with the film, and yet when my husband jokingly offered to take me to see the movie Friday I eagerly agreed (I saw it for the first time Thursday with a girlfriend). The book is captivating and a quick read, but the writing and editing often leave something to be desired. I am personally a little flummoxed as to the root of my own obsession.

The story line and chemistry between the two main characters Bella and Edward are possibly the main attractions to the Twilight Saga. Bella and Edward are bound to go down in history as legendary lovers of literature and film. Edward *sigh* I think you would be hard pressed to find a woman who didn't want to ravage Edward if he were real, even at the risk of life and limb. I fear that Robert Pattinson (see above) will never be safe again from lusting women, he needs a real life Edward as a body guard. I mean, seriously, look at him...Yum!

Stephanie Meyer has a wonderful imagination and I think that is another attraction to the books. The storyline is creative and her new take on vampires is refreshing and interesting. She creates an entirely new mythology for the monsters of yore. But, make no mistake, Twilight is a romance, and it is the romantic elements that make it so addictive. One of my male friends was promised a "vampire movie" by his enthusiastic, if deceitful, girlfriend. He is now planning to take her to a gory action flick, promising that is a "romance." I suspect that she will not be so lucky when the sequel, New Moon is released.

Finally, I am busting at the seems with joy becuase I just discovered that Meyer is working on completing a novel called "Midnight Sun," which will tell Twilight from Edward's point of view. Just this morning I was whining in the car to my husband that I wish that there had been something written from Edward's point of view. I cannot wait for this book! Meyers has indefinitely postponed working on this books as it was leaked online. I am incredibly depressed.

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Alexandra said...

Glad I'm not the only one to be in this situation.
I read the first book of the series just about a week before the movie was due to hit the theaters and I could not put it down. As soon as I finished (later that night), I had to speed to the nearest Barnes & Noble to get the rest of the books.
The books are, however, a total guilty pleasure. I don't think I've ever had to endure as many jokes as I have had to since my co-workers saw me with a copy of "New Moon". Never mind them, though - I adore Twilight!

S.Elisabeth said...

1) Hey, don't worry, I'm a teenager and I'm still trying to figure out my own attraction to the series. But it's definitely awesome.
2)Yeah the writing is certainly no Bronte or Austen
3) Chemistry is definitely the attraction for me, and yeah it's a total romance novel, just wait 'til you get further into the series.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I had a very similar experience. Read book 1 in less than 2 days, but was left wondering *why* I just couldn't put it down. Like you said, it definitely wasn't the writing. But the love story and the imagination behind the story (love the idea of the damned possibly not really being damned)are what really sucked me in.

A few things kind of got on my nerves - but I was able to get passed them. I actually wrote about this on Friday. Talk about a bandwagon! Everyone is talking about Twilight...

cathycathycathy said...

Twilight is really fascinating. When I first read it two years ago, I was just another 14 or 15 year old fangirl. I hadn't read a decent book in a long time, so I worshipped it like it was the first book I'd ever read. Then my life changed and I grew up, but I still love it, however for completely different reasons now. Part of it is loyalty to the fandom that changed my life, but it's also identifying myself with completely different characters now than before. Weird how life changes, and some things still remain the same.

While it is indeed very depressing that Midnight Sun isn't a work-in-process anymore, the 12 first chapters are online on her website, I believe.

Fashion Addict said...

I think I'm like the only person around that has not gotten into the whole Twilight hype yet. I haven't picked up any of the books, and I know I should, and I've always been putting off going to the movies. But I will look into the series! I will!

Btw, my blog's address has moved to so if you have the time could you please change the link on your blog roll? Thanks!

G.G. said...

OK, I guess I'll have to read it too. You just sold me :)

Jennifer said...

Read the manuscript of Midnight Sun Stephanie Meyer has on her website. It's SO MUCH BETTER than Twilight, IMO. Twilight bored me to tears but Midnight Sun made me love Edward. It's just so much better from his voice.