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31 January 2009


Hi Sophia!

We (Calamity Jane and I) are going to take you on a surprise date this Sunday. It can be either in the afternoon (no later than 3p) or in the evening (7p). There will be drinks after. :)

~Flutterbyblue & Calamity Jane

p.s. if you absolutely hate our surprise, we'll get you drunk.

What would you think if you got an email such as this? Originally, this Sunday I had a quite night home alone with the most insipidly girly movie, cocktails and popcorn planned. You see, my hubby, the Steelers fan, will be at a super bowl party and I decided that I would stay home to increase his enjoyment of the game (I can be a pest when bored). So, now I will be conjecturing for the next day as to what is instore for me tomorrow night (I chose 7 pm). Here are my current thoughts, random and fantastical as they may be:
  • A superbowl party, at which they will get me drunk
  • Roller derby
  • Burlesque lessons
  • Trapeze lessons
  • Whale watching
  • Mani/Pedi (although how could they think they'd have to get me drunk after that?)
  • Raquetball
  • Driving deep into the suburbs to watch Twilight (again, not need to get me drunk, so unlikely)
  • Glamor Shots
  • Bead shopping
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Shopping of any sort
  • Cross country skiing
What would your guess be?


Katie said...

I've given you an award

Anonymous said...

bungie jumping! :p

shannie cakes said...

i dont have a guess but if it's roller derby you'll have an amazing time. roller derby is far and away the greatest time ever invented. and getting drunk after just makes it better.

i'm crossing my fingers that it's roller derby for ya (though i'm a little biased)

-tits n tofu of the sick town derby dames