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20 January 2009

Cruel and Unusual?

My husband likes to tell tales about feeding lemons to babies. He thinks this is totally hilarious. He warns that if I ever have children he will feed them lemons. I think its kind of mean and I cannot imagine doing that to my baby. Apparently more people agree with him, there is an entire subculture of lemon feeders out there on You Tube capturing the reaction of their babies to the sour surprise. Thoughts?
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Jen said...

I hate to admit, we've fed ours lemon, onion, pepperoncini... I'd say we're horrible parents, but she eats lint and dust bunnies of her own accord. I've a feeling the lemon/onion/pepperoncini is less harmful for her than the average stuff she pulls up off our floor on a daily basis...

Chic and Charming said...

No judgment! I'm sure I'll do it once I have a baby, despite my best intentions.

liggy girl said...

I always ate lemons as a baby! I loved them and still do. I know I made some faces my fam said but it's part of learning. Their senses are being used! :) It's cute though.

WendyB said...

I love the taste of lemons and limes but even so I think I make a face when nibbling them. This will be a fun thing to try on my bebe nephew.

Leena said...

I found it really funny .. i might feed mine, when i have one (sorry) but the video is ssooo funnnyyy

cinnamon said...

i was given lemons when i was a baby to make me stop having hiccups