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10 January 2009

J.Crew Flats, Hello Boring

New J.Crew Flats

Behold, the latest J.Crew Flats. At the end of last year the CEO of J.Crew. announced that they would be lowering the price point of their Ballet Flats, in response to the recession. The flats used to start at $128 and will now start at $98. My mother's response:"Oh great, so that means that they'll make them with cheaper materials." I've not seen them in person so I cannot speak to the quality of the workmanship, but judging by the current examples the design of the new cheaper flats will be DULLSVILLE. Above, the latest ballet flats. Below, a selection of former designs.

$148 J.Crew Flats


Anonymous said...

i can't believe how much the design has changed! i would never guess that the "cheaper" flats would be from j.crew. a disappointment indeed!

A said...

$98 is hideously overpriced for such boring shoes that you could easily pick up for like a 20 somewhere else. I think people would have been ok with paying the extra 30 if it means getting something cute and different. False economy, me thinks!

Emma said...

Props to JCrew for lowering prices a bit, but as for those flats, I think I'm falling asleep...

Marie said...

I love the French blue pair with the bow. The rest are all pretty boring.

J. Crew's 'creativity' has been going down lately. A lot of my girlfriends and I have noticed similar things at stores like Gap and Old Navy for $30 less sometimes. Like A girl in the world said, people wouldn't mind spending the extra money if it were unique.

Anonymous said...

You make a great point - when contrasted with the previous collections, these are boring!