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20 February 2009

In Lust with Christian Siriano’s Payless Shoes

OMG. I need all of these shoes. I only wish they really were made out of real leather, which they probably will not be since they are a Payless collection. On the one hand, I kind of wish that Siriano had not totally ripped off Rodarte because that is so not cool. On the other hand, its not like I could have ever afforded the Rodarte shoes anyway (although I live in hope that they will magically appear in Nieman Marcus Last Call).

Image from NY Magazine

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Charming Blogs: Mesh and Lace


I tend to get obsessed with new projects, so I am sorry if you have been feeling a bit abandoned over here. I'm going try to break the boudoirbetty spell and continue on with life as normal.

One of the great things about my new project is the new people that I'm meeting. I recently "met" (in a strictly virtual sense) the author of the blog mesh and lace. Frankly, I'm pretty in love with her blog. Like me, she is obviously a shopper, and she has a great eye. So, go check out her fabulous finds and give her some love because I'm sure you also find her blog totally adorable!

Image from mesh and lace

18 February 2009

New Blog for my Etsy Shop

boudoirbetty.com screen shot

So, the thing is, I don't want to pester you all to death with my new etsy store, unless you WANT to be pestered...I understand pasties are not for everyone! So, if you want all the latest gossip on my new etsy shop boudoirbetty.etsy.com you should follow my new blog, boudoirbetty.com. Consider Betty to be Sophia's super sexy best friend!

I am quite proud of the new design! I just finished it up this morning, so please feel free to go snoop around and leave some comments over there so that I know everything is working. I am warning you, boudoirbetty.com has considerably more adult content than Chic and Charming, which is another reason why I stated a second blog. I know my mother, mother-in-law and aunts follow Chic and Charming. All I have to say to you fabulous family members is this: follow Betty at your own risk, and for goodness sakes I don't want to know about it!

Otherwise, I will still post some of the tamer Boudoir Betty products on Chic and Charming, just with considerably less frequency.

17 February 2009

Word of the Moment: Polyandry

Definition, via Answers.com:

  1. The condition or practice of having more than one husband at one time.
  2. Zoology. A mating pattern in which a female mates with more than one male in a single breeding season.
Also good to know, polyandry is probably most commonly practiced in Tibet.

Why do I care? See above picture...now I just have to convince my husband AND Rob Pattinson to move to Tibet.

P.S. How wrong is it that you are now a more educated person because I have an unhealthy obsession with Robert Pattinson? I mean, really, there is no way you knew what polyandry was before this post ;)

P.P.S. If like flutterbyblue and myself you find yourself pondering the philosophical and evolutionary/biological basis for polyandry, I recommend the Wikipedia article on Polyandry in Tibet and the Zementa articles below

Image via weheartit.com
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16 February 2009

I'm on Etsy

I am excited to announce that I am reopening my etsy shop, Boudoir Betty! Boudoir Betty on etsy is a shop all about flirty, sexy fun! From cheeky jewelry designs to do-it-yourself pastie kits each item sold in this shop will spice up your style and make you feel like the most glamorous woman (or man) in the world. I've kicked things off with a custom leather cuff that I designed for one of my close friends (shown above). I'm currently taking orders on etsy for similar cuffs for all those interested.

Coming up next? Pasties and Make Your Own Pastie Kits! I plan to post these later on this week. What are pasties might you ask? I find most people know what I am talking about when I describe them as "stripper nipple covers." Believe it or not, they can be kind of practical, for those girls among us who like to go sans bra with complicated shirts, but still want just a bit of coverage (pasties even give you a little shape!). They can also serve as a super sexy surprise for your special someone when worn under a sheer lace bra. My do it yourself pastie kits are the ultimate bachelorette party activity or favor for the crafty bride...I should know, I'm going to throw a pastie making bachelorette in just a few weeks!


Also in the works, as I've mentioned before, is an etsy supply shop called Magpie Supply, which I hope to really get going later this month. I've started taking pictures and putting together packages with bits and pieces around the house that I have in excess or that I am not feeling particularly inspired to use. I live in a tiny condo and I just can't use all the goodies that I buy...yet I am so horrible at resisting temptation when it comes to sparkles and feathers :). Here is a sneak peak of things to come on Magpie Supply:


Pink Prep is a collection of faux pearls, pink polka dots and sterling sliver tennis raquet charms. Marie's Birthday Party is inspired by Marie Antoinette's birthday party in Sophia Coppola's movie and includes silver plated "oui" and "non" charms, glass beads shaped like dice and playing cards, pink rhinestones and purple bugle beads. Everything from Magpie Supply with come in darling packages, which you can start to get a feel for from these pictures.

11 February 2009

Who is hotter?

I don't know who is hotter in this upcoming Harpers Baazar spread, Helena Christensen or Ed Westwick, both parties are absolutely sexy.

Image from Harpers Bazaar
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10 February 2009

Former Domino Employee's Fire(d) Sale

Dominos For Sale

A crafty former Domino employee is auctioning off back issues of Domino and props from the now defunct magazine. Clever girl! These ebay auctions raise important questions, like how does a magazine with fans who will pay upwards of $80 for a back issue fold?

09 February 2009

Word of the Moment: Shiteous

Shiteous: (adj.) Something that is both hideous and shitty.
The ankle strap on the stripper's platforms broke, they are no longer just hideous, they're shiteous.

Image from mayashoes.com

08 February 2009

Dear Dakota Fanning

Dear Dakota Fanning,
I think you look fab. I've really been wanting to rock a little romper myself, but have not been able to find the right one. I think you pulled this off perfectly. I have no idea what Perez is talking about...hello, Perez, do you go to the mall? Do you look at the 14 year old girls (um, probably not)? Compared to Dakota here they often look like street walkers, she is actually pretty covered up! I wore less than that to school at her age, on a regular basis.


P.S. I hope you get the role of Jane in New Moon.

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05 February 2009

My secret date

these teams were all phenominal to watch the o...Image via Wikipedia

My secret date was canceled! That is why I never said anything about it, its been rescheduled for a future day. I really hope it is Roller Derby.
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01 February 2009

Hints have been released!

So flutterbyblue has released some hints as to this evening "surprise" activity:
Here are some hints:
1. It's cheap
2. It does not involve alcohol
3. It will likely involve food (but only one kind)

Hmmmm...here is my revised list of possible ideas:

  • Free tasting of food, on some particular theme
  • Cotton candy making
  • A movie, where popcorn will be served
  • A cupcake shop
  • Something involving sushi
  • Something involving cheese
  • A play
  • Ice cream
  • A taffy pull
I am pretty sure that all of these are totally wrong...I guess we'll find out tonight!

I'm Beautiful, at least Katie thinks so

I won an award! Thanks Katie, of Dr. Katie Goes to Med School :)

Pepe Le Pew, I love you!

Oh, I so love Pepe le Pew. A cartoon that dresses like Hugh Hefner, smokes and drinks. Even as a child, Pepe le Pew was my favorite morning cartoon. I've always been a romantic at heart, even for a crazy stalker skunk. Happy Early Valentine's Day!

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