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23 March 2009

Save the Words


I found this great website via Will and Beyond called, a website dedicated to saving words that are about to go extinct. How do words go extinct? If we stop using them, the dictionary people remove them from the dictionary, and then theoretically they are extinct words.

At you choose from a massive screen full of words and enter your email to adopt the word of you choice. I just adopted a few including:

Latibule: (n.) Hiding Place. My copy of twilight is safe in its latibule, so my husband can't throw it away to avoid watching it again.

Its now my job to start using latibule in everyday conversation to help save it from extinction! I have an official certificate and everything! A word of caution, they don't actually email you the word's definition, so it is best to jot it down when you sign up to adopt the word. I've adopted several words that I don't know how to use!
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, they really should email me the definition.

I've adopted three, and at first I would check the email when I forgot the definition, only to remember it's not there.

Well, I'm off to have a prandicle.

Designer Shoes Lover said...

Just did my noble deed to resurrect a word. Now if I can just spend more time at the gym, I might be able to get back my "slimikin" figure. Thanks for the cool site Sophia!

RLMEnglish said...

Oh thank you for this, I have several friends beside myself who will be happy to adopt good words and keep them alive. Such a good idea!

Mary said...

I LOVE this post, thank you so much!
What a clever idea!

Allie Rachel said...

What a cute idea!
BTW, that runway shot was not specified from which designer but I love it too!