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13 March 2009

Charming Blogs: Tartelette

Tartelette is my current favorite source of online food porn.

Image from Tartelette


Emma said...

This ought to be illegal.

Magatha-May said...

oh wow! heaven on a plate

Linda said...

Those look delicious and fattening, so I love everything about all of those treats.

Allie Rachel said...

looks delish! i'm new to the blog world so check out my site and let me know what you think! please & thanks <3

Anonymous said...

mmm.... so yummy!! Just wanted to also let you know that due to some computer issues, my blog address was chnaged slightly. It is now:
Thanks - love the chocolate!!!

Chic and Charming said...

It makes my mouth water every time.

Unknown said...

isn't that funny - it really is food porn. i found a site like that and spent about an hour drooling over every beautiful food photo.
lovely post!