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09 March 2009

McQ for Target Disappoints

Sigh. I should preface this by saying that this collection was pretty heavy on the 80s, I am not such a fan of the 80s.I had such high hopes, but I should know by now that designer collaborations with Target are completely hit or miss. The jacket pictured above was particularly heinous in person. The leggings had bizarrely sold out or still have not made it to the floor...they may have worked for some sort of flash dance inspired workout outfit. I'm sure I could find some matching leg warmers are urban outfitters.

Can I start out by saying: WTF is with the junior sizing bullshit. Seriously, it was not a GO! Collection, so couldn't they have sized these things for real women? Not that GO! should be junior sized anyway, the designer diffusion collection customer has usually graduated from high school and wears clothing ending in even numbers. I also find it beyond ridiculous that the strapless dress, which is cut for a B cup, even in size 13, has padding in the built in bra. Like every GO! strapless dress that I've ever tried on, I considered buying it and having it cut off at the waist and turned into a skirt, not a chance at $80.

So, moving beyond my size tirade, I did adore the tattoo print fabric. The only piece from the collection that I actually purchased was the simple T-Shirt in this print. I don't know what will happen when I actually get a real job and can't wear T-Shirts to will probably be the end of my Target designer diffusion shopping. The T-shirts are the only reliable items from collection to collection.

Besides, as usual, everything I was excited about had sold out. This is typically because Target puts these collections out at totally random interval before and after the official release date. There is a pretty good chance I will go back to the same store in one week to find they've just put out these fabulous pieces for the first time (fingers crossed).
Images adapted from Target


WendyB said...

Something about that jacket's proportions is really off.

Chic and Charming said...

It looks even worse in person

Sherry said...

thanks for the heads up, i found that fabulous zigzag dress on ebay!! that seller only had 1 feedback though, hope they deliver 8{