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02 March 2009

An Ode to Pepperidge Farm Cake

I think Pepperidge Farm Cake is one of the best kept secrets of the frozen food section. My love affair with these darling square confections began when I was in preschool. The director of my preschool program kept a freezer in her office stocked with Pepperidge farm cakes of all flavors so that kids could come and pick out their favorite flavor for their birthday. At the time I was very partial to coconut, but my favorite now is probably the golden cake with chocolate frosting.

My love of Pepperdige farm goes beyond nostalgia, because even today I think they are a delicious treat, better than many bakery cakes (for me at least). The cake is shockingly light for any cake, much less one that has been frozen, waiting patiently for you to eat it. The frosting to cake ratio is perfect and the flavor of the frosting is lovely and sweet. Did I mention that this miracle of the freezer section is less than $4.00? You can't even make your own cake for that price, and why would you?

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