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25 April 2009

The Little White Horse

One of my favorite childhood books, "The Little White Horse" by Elizabeth Goudge, was made into a movie back in 2007. It was allegedly released in England in February 2009 as "The Secret of Moonacre."I just watched the trailer and read the wikipedia synopsis and I am sad that the movie doesn't stay all that faithful to the book. In fact, they've taken LOTS of liberites. Worst of all, the hero in the book, Robin, looks like a character out of a clockwork orange instead of a character out of Heidi, as I always envisioned. At any rate, I hope the movie is released in the USA at some point. In the mean time I highly recommend the book. It is children's fiction, but it is a sweet story. I've alway imagined that I would love to live on an estate like the one described. I must give you warning that the book has a fair bit of moralizing, kind of like what you would expect if Louisa May Alcott had written a fantasy novel.

Image from Warner Bothers UK

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