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03 April 2009

Nylon *exasperated sigh*

Thank you to Odd Cincy who informed me that the Nylon online shenanigans are all targeted at those of us who cashed in on the free Urban Outfitter Nylon subscription. I kind of suspected as much. It is at least good to know that Nylon didn't screw over it's paying customers. None the less, SHAME ON YOU Nylon and Urban...what about truth in advertising? I was promised free magazines for a year, not two months.

This post marks the end of my self righteous bitching, since this problem has an easy solution and its not like I paid for the subscription anyway. I'll suck it up and call customer service on Monday to resume denuding forests, one issue of Nylon at a time.

*oddcicy, incidentally, has a hilarious post up about cement penis sketches in ancient Rome

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Anonymous said...

:[ Come on, Sophia. I need blog posts from you every few days!
Come back please? :]

Ondo Lady said...

Well that is pretty shoddy of NYLON. Mind you the issues have not been all that lately so maybe they are feeling the pinch.

Anonymous said...

I've just added this to my blogroll for two reasons: 1) This is a high quality blog and I'm really enjoying it, and 2) OMG, you have no idea how much this post is stroking my ego. It is awesome. *blush!*

By the way, from a business viewpoint, the main shame on NYLON isn't that they promised us free print subscriptions, but that they told advertisers that our digital magazines were real circulation -- despite the fact that they probably went unread, for the reasons you mentioned earlier (i.e., digital magazines aren't readible). That means NYLON probably charged advertisers print rates for email spam.

This might be an effort to bring NYLON's costs to a level below advertising revenue, but if the advertisers get wind of this, even more of them will pull out and... yeah, Ondo Lady, NYLON will get pinched ever tighter.