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23 April 2009

Virtual Bitch Slap: Ghetto-Latte Lovers

Cow juice or milkshakesThis shit ain't free!

Dear Revoltingly Cheap Starbucks Customer,
I think you should know that there is actually a name for "two shots of espresso over ice in a grande cup," which you then add condiment bar milk to...its called a ghetto latte (or fake latte or poor man's latte). You may think you are sticking it to the man, but actually you are just sticking it to all of the other poor wage slaves addicted to Starbucks. Not only do the prices of all the drinks get inflated because you don't pay your fair share, but when the rest of us go to add a few teaspoons of milk to our coffee/tea there is none left because your cheap ass used it all up. You may think you are clever, but are not much better than a classless dime store shoplifter.


P.S. Thanks for inspiring my new article category "virtual bitch slaps," I have a feeling it is going to be a real classic!
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Jen said...

Seriously loved it. You need to start a webolution and encourage other bloggers to post their own VBSes - I think you're really on to something here ;)

flutterbyblue said...

Hm...the "ghetto latte" actually sounds pretty brilliant considering how over-priced Starbucks drinks are nowadays. Can you really blame the Ghetto-latte lovers for trying to save a few bucks? At least they are not stealing straws or plastic stirrers! (or maybe they are...)