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24 May 2009

Brand New Season of Gilmore Girls

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Its a Lie! So, I was super excited to see that ABC was announcing a "brand new season" of the Gilmore Girls, which from the looks of the advertisement, could have been the real deal. I was of course skeptical, after all the show has been off the air for quite some time. An internet search showed that ABC was airing a season that was "new to them" but not new to the adoring legions of Gilmore Girls fans. Sorry folks, there is no "Gilmore Girls 2009" or "Gilmore Girl Season 7." Unless, you count the virtual Gilmore Girls fan fiction...which is headed into Season 10!
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1 comment:

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

The first time I saw that commercial I thought the same thing! Talk about a let down!!