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02 May 2009

Food on a stick...

Corn dog (้บตๅŒ…็†ฑ็‹—).Image via Wikipedia

One of my best friends is moving to Iowa and recently sent me the following list to entice me to come visit her this August, if I can find a job I am SO going to the Iowa State Fair to try a sampling of their food on a stick, with a special effort to obtain those shown in bold:

1. Pickle on-a-stick
2. Pork chop on-a-stick
3. Corn dog
4. Cheese on-a-stick
5. Cajun chicken on-a-stick
6. Sesame chicken on-a-stick
7. Carmel apple
8. German sausage on-a-stick
9. Teriyaki beef on-a-stick
10. Corn on the cob on-a-stick
11. Cotton candy
12. Veggie dog on-a-stick
13. Turkey drumstick
14. Nutty bar
15. Fried pickle on-a-stick
16. Hot bologna on-a-stick
17. Shrimp on-a-stick
18. Chicken on-a-stick
19. Monkey Tails (chocolate covered banana on-a-stick)
20. Taffy on-a-stick
21. Honey on-a-stick
22. Ice cream Wonder Bar
23. Deep fried Snickers bar on-a-stick
24. Deep fried 3 Musketeers bar on-a-stick
25. Deep fried Milky Way bar on-a-stick
26. Deep fried Twinkie on-a-stick
27. Lamb on-a-stick
28. Meatballs on-a-stick
29. Deep fried hoho on-a-stick
30. Fudge Puppy (waffle drenched in chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream)
31. Chili Dog on-a-stick
32. Funtastick Pork on-a-stick
33. Dutch letters on-a-stick
34. Turkey tenders on-a-stick
35. Deep fried hot dog on-a-stick
36. Chocolate covered cheesecake on-a-stick
37. Potato Lollipop (4 thick slices of russet potato deep fried and on-a-stick with dipping sauces)
38. Pineapple on-a-stick (Fresh pineapple dipped in funnel cake batter and deep fried)
39. Chicken lips on-a-stick (breaded chicken breast smothered with hot sauce, served with blue cheese dressing).
40. Cornbrat on-a-stick (bratwurst dipped in corndog batter)
41. Frozen fudge brownie on-a-stick
42. Ice cream cookie sandwich on-a-stick
43. Rock candy on-a-stick
44. Salad on-a-stick
45. Hard-boiled egg on-a-stick

Ummm, and salad on a stick...can anyone explain that one to me?
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Anonymous said...

Ugh.. im from Iowa and Im ashamed of that many things on a stick. I went to the fair last year and (perhaps because I didnt try) didnt see any of these items.

Though - I will admit the main attraction for me was the worlds largest bull, aptly named Tiny. I think he was a couple tons. If you visit, dont worry about the smell, youll get used to it.

SohoAccessories said...

I think I want to go to Iowa!