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29 May 2009

Jenny Humphrey's necklace in The Goodbye Gossip Girl

My favorite jewelry designer Pequitobun had another necklace featured on Gossip Girl! In the big party scene during the Season 2 finale Jenny's fabulously glam necklace is the one of a kind "Crown Jewels" necklace from Pequitobun. I'm not sure which necklace I love more, this necklace or the last Pequitobun piece Jenny rocked. I am SUCH a fan of the pearls and black garnets in the crown jewels necklace...but the dainty little rock candy like green amethyst cubes in the "preppy necklace" look good enough to eat. le sigh...maybe when I have a real job I'll be able to snatch up one of these fabulous little baubles.
Image from and pequitobun


::pequitobun:: said...

thanks so much for blogging about this sophia!!! amidst the wedding etc i haven't had any time to blog about it, nor hunt down any screen shots!! you're awesome, thanks!! xx

Anonymous said...

love that show!! great necklace!!