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22 May 2009

RIP Mrs. John L. Strong

I am so sad to have to announce that the luxury stationary brand Mrs. John L. Strong is going out of business. Hubby and I were huge fans of the extravagant and beautiful paper and home goods. Personally, I was unable to resist the seven deadly sins candle and stationary set and the home journal. Hubby uses the red croc embossed food and wine diary and directory to keep track of his appointments and such. It was our little tradition that I would buy him one each year as an early anniversary gift. I was looking forward to having a neat little bookshelf of agendas full of our memories and travels.

I was so sure Mrs. John L. would be around for forever, that I had plans to buy one of their house sets for myself in my future dream life, where I have money to burn on a super expensive box of notepads, with letter press covers reading "pool house," "jet," "movie room" etc. Tragically, my condo is basically a studio and I cannot afford to spend several hundred dollars on notepads, probably not even once they go on sale. In the event they end up 90% off I may splurge...and put the pool house notepad in my bathroom.
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