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25 June 2009

Charming Blog:

Today's Charming Blog,, brings together my love of blogging, fashion and illustration with a series of lovely illustration of fashion bloggers. Artist Danny Roberts shares his fashion illustrations through this blog, with works inspired by designers, fashionistas, bloggers and sometimes, it appears, friends. He has a link off the top to his "about" page where you can watch him draw his self portrait. I also reccomend checking out the link to his image diary and his shop. I've just put his Ladies of Dior 22 X 17 Prints on the short list for my next art purchase. Roberts also sells through etsy, where he lists quite a few more pieces than in his blog based shop.

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1 comment:

Sarah Von Bargen said...

I didn't know it was possible for Susie Bubble to be even cuter!