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09 June 2009

The Cult of Converse

Converse shoes are everywhere...on hipsters, on celebs and chic Parisian women. They have almost a cult like following. Chuck Taylor All Stars, the most iconic of the converse styles, have been around since 1917 and they have fallen in and out of favor in the interim. Somehow, for the past decade or two they've been the casual, fashionable choice for ladies and gents a like.

Personally, I am just not a big fan of converse. As it happens, converse would actually fit nicely into my current personal style: grad-student grunge. Frankly, they would take my daily style quotient up a notch. I don't wear converse, I just don't find them particularly comfortable and they make my feet look like boats. They also seem to me self-consciously hip, like if I was wearing them I would be trying to look cooler than I actually am...and as you know I'm pretty damn cool.
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WendyB said...

I haven't worn Converse since high school but my friend Christian wears them every day. His big fashion decision is whether to wear the blue ones or the red ones. You can see them here!

daughterofmartha said...

Although they def have a hip factor, I like my converse. They're comfy and simple. Not to mention cheap! I was able to snag mine for under $20 bucks by using coupon codes. They go everywhere with me.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

I heart converse! I had mine custom made! :o)

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Everyone loves Converse, but I am not a fan. I wanted to like them (everyone else looks cool & comfy in theirs), but I've got short, full Latina legs and Converse sneakers make the worst of them. Something about the chunky white lip.