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31 July 2009

Link Love: 31 July 2009

The September Issue Trailer via iCiNG

  • Already Pretty and You Look Fab wrote a pair of coordinated blogposts with some great tips for choosing your next pair of spectacles.
  • I've finally turned my attentions back to Girls Guide to Blogging, inspired by a series of emails I exchanged with new blogger Fab Blab. I originally started Girls Guide to Blogging to provide tips for new bloggers from myself and other established bloggers...so I am now working on taking GG2B back to its roots. I've started updating blogger profiles again, so head over and submit your blog profile!
  • I'm working on getting better at time managment. I found this article on how to manage your day from the HBS blog helpful.
  • Loving this vintage Glam Guide post on how to achieve the Marilyn Monroe makeup look.

28 July 2009

Are You on Good Reads?

Sophia Charming's  book recommendations, reviews, favorite quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists

Want to know what I read? I want to know what you read! Become my friend over on Goodreads.com so that we can compare notes. I am under Sophia Charming (chic dot and dot charming at gmail dot com) or you can follow this link: : http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/2570563-sophia-charming

Gadget from GoodReads

Get Down with Your Mad Self

I just found the make-your-own Mad Men Avatar/Graphic website from AMC via @freeandflawed. I could spend the next several hours at work making new Mad Men-esque charcters. I'm kind of attached to the above creation...Peggy, Joan and I are having a little mid-day martini. Mmmmm...mid-day martini.....yum....

P.S. Sorry for that horrible title, I just couldn't help it!
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27 July 2009

Mudflap Girl with Pasties Necklace

I've been independently obsessed with the idea of creating a logo of a mudflap girl wearing pasties for my Boudoir Betty lingerie line. So, imagine my total delight when I discovered one of my favorite jewelry designs makes a mudflap girl paties with "ruby nipples" that I think look a lot more like red pasties! I am so obsessed with Wendy Brandes Mudflap Jill necklace, and at $200 this trinket is a STEAL! I'm so in love with it that I'm going to have to post it again over at Boudoir Betty!

Image from Wendy Brandes Jewelry

24 July 2009

Charming Blog: Nubby Twiglet

Dear Nubby Twiglet,
I love your blog and your designs are a huge inspiration. I saw this image from The Voice That Said and it instantly made me think of you.


Advance Planning...Birthday Bonanza

Chic and Charming will be turning two on the 28th of August 2009. I would love to give away some party favors! So, I am looking for sponsors! Anyone interested in providing some swag for a fun filled week of Chic and Charming giveaways? If so, drop me a line at chic dot and dot charming at gmail dot com.

23 July 2009

Dead Until Dark vs Twilight...the showdown

So, all of you know that I have a wee bit of a Twilight obsession. So, when I heard about the Southern Vampire Series (which HBO series True Blood is based on) I decided to give it a shot. Actually, you see, I heard that Dead until Dark (the first novel in the series) was like the R rated version of Twilight. An even sexier Edward Cullen? Sign me up!

WARNING *spoilers ahead* but I don't give away the biggest plot points.

So I read Dead Until Dark and it was definitely an engaging and quick read. It is, just as people say, a sexier and more violent version of Twilight. Or, since Dead until Dark was published FOUR YEARS before Twilight, I should say Twilight is the kiddie version of Dead until Dark.

I felt the writing in Dead until Dark also had its flaws, but was overall was of a higher caliber than Twilight. However, my level of general obsession with the Southern Vampire series pales in comparison to Twilight. Then again, I re-read Twilight books to literally turn off my brain after a stressful day, which you could say is kind of a back handed compliment.

I compiled a list of similarities between the two books below, I think it is a pretty comprehensive list. I added a few of the major differences at the end of the table. Some of the similarities are just general vampire-y type things, but there are so many "coincidental" similarities between the two books that I have to say Meyer MUST have read Dead Until Dark (no matter how much she denies it). However, the general vibe and actual main plot of the two books are quite different. I would recommend checking out Dead until Dark, unless like Meyer, crazy S&M sex offends your sensibilities.

If you are reading this on my blog, I have no idea why there is this big ass gap before my table...sorry folks,just scroll down, its there, I swear...

Dead Until Dark/
True Blood series
Published 2001
Twilight "Saga"
Published 2005
Love Triangle
Love Triangle
Clairvoyant human falls in love because she cannot read her lover's mindClairvoyant vampire falls in love because he cannot read his lover's mind
Set in small town America:
Rural Louisiana
Set in small town America:
Upstate Washington

Adele Hale Stackhouse

Jasper and Rosalie Hale

Trio of vampire baddies
one black, two white
one female, two males

Trio of vampire baddies
one black, two white
one female, two males

Powerful elder male vampire
has a bit of an obsession
with the human girl

Powerful elder male vampire
has a bit of an obsession
with the human girl

Synthetic Blood
never quite satisfies the vampire,
but keeps him alive

Animal Blood
never quite satisfies the vampire,
but keeps him alive

Human girl is deflowered by vampire lover

Human girl is deflowered by vampire lover
but not until they are married

Vampires cannot go out during the day:
the sun will kill them

Vampires can go out in the day,
just not the sun:
the sun will make them sparkly

The vampire thinks his love's blood is especially unique and tasty

The human's blood smells so yummy it drives the vampire wild with blood lust

Vampires "galmor" people into
doing what they want

Vampires "dazzle" people into
doing what they want

Vampires are rich and beautiful
and love nice cars

Vampires are rich and beautiful
and love nice, fast cars

In the last scene of the first book, the woman lies in a hospital bed, horribly injured as an indirect result of her love for a vampire.
Her vampire love is there to comfort her.

In the last scene of the first book, the woman lies in a hospital bed, horribly injured as an indirect result of her love for a vampire.
Her vampire love is there to comfort her.

Sex, Sex and Deviant Sex

Chaste Mormon-style lovin'

Everyone knows about vampires

Nobody knows about vampires

Vampire Lead played by Stephen Moyer
in HBO Series

Series written by Stephenie Meyer
(ha, this is just a fun coincidence)

Image from D-listed

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22 July 2009

A Bit of a Favor

Hello Darlings,

I want to put together some vital stats on my readership for my resume and for an advertisers packet for Chic and Charming. To that end, I wanted to find out what my reader demographics look like here on C&C. Could you pretty please plug your stats into the following polls for me? It would be much appreciated.


21 July 2009

Click is so sad

I just watched Click, based on the adverts I thought it was going to be a funny movie. FAKE OUT. Click is a totally depressing movie.

Image from imdb

Messy Top Knot

I walked into the bathroom at work today and looked at myself in the mirror...I looked like a tenth grader who'd just rolled out of bed. Why, you might ask? While concentrating on work at my desk I had pulled my hair up into a sloppy top knot bun without even thinking about it. If I was on a Louis Vuitton runway I would be oh-so fashionable...not so much in real life.

Image from style.com

19 July 2009

Make Under


I gave Chic and Charming a little bit of a make under this weekend, what do you think darlings?
I added some links to my other blogs as well!

18 July 2009

Nike+ Sportband

I really want one of these Nike+ Sportbands. I like that it has a little alarm thingy that you can preset to do intervals. I like that you can download your info to your computer to track your running progress. I like that it is pink on the inside...just like me.

Image and idea via blog.sub-studio.com

Link Love: 18 July 09

Image from Coco+Kelly

17 July 2009

Bestow is one fabulous eShop

I just discovered bestowboutique.com, which is best described as Vivre's slightly naughty cousin. I'm so terribly in love. I wish I was flush with cash so that I could stock up on some seriously sexy goodies! I know where I'm going to be buying all my gifts from here on out (once I have a real job). I highly recommend the lingerie and decor sections.

Images from Bestow

Must See: Cheri!

One of my favorite books of all time Cheri by Colette has been adapted for the silver screen! *swoon* The casting looks spot on with Michelle Pfeiffer playing the exquisitely preserved courtesan Lea. Its out in limited release right now and I am despondent that there has not been more of an advertising push, if I hadn't happened to pick up the NYT Weekend Arts section I never would have discovered it! This movie will be the most visually exciting period movie since Marie Antionette. Set in Bell Epoque Paris the set design and costumes look an absolute confection in the clips shown below. I can't wait to go see this movie with a little bottle of champagne and a box of macaroons and chocolates this weekend.

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16 July 2009

Chic Women: Selene from Underworld

selene from underworld

I happened to catch Underworld Evolution on TV over the fourth of July. I'd always been a little curious about the movie because Kate Beckinsale looked like a rocking action hero. I quickly became kind of obsessed and Netflixed the other two movies, Underworld and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, in the series. Tragically, the prequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycans does not include her character Selene.

I think Selene is one of the best female action heroes I've seen. Simply stated, the girl kicks some serious ass. She handles a weapon like nobody's business and her costume is a fantastic mix of black leather and latex. I sure hope they make another movie.
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15 July 2009

What Would Joan Holloway Do? Bathing Suit Edition

It is no secret that I believe Joan Holloway/Christina Hendricks is smoking hot. Furthermore I absolutely adore Joan...she's so sultry and sassy. The hot days of summer are finally upon us and the new Season of Mad Men is just around the corner (August). So, I thought I would put together a little guide to summer fun Joan Holloway style.

First up, What Would Joan Wear for summer?

I am pretty convinced that Joan Holloway would wear a Zelda Sweetwater vintage inspired bathing suit. Personally, I think she would go with the "Jane" style with its molded cups to support her ample bosom. The delicate pink color would look fantastic with her peaches and cream complexion and the detailing would highlight her dangerous curves.

Of course, Joan would wear sunglasses. Frankly, there is a lot going on with sunglasses right now, but there always is. I don't think Joan would go for the flash of Tom Ford or for the ubiquitous Wayfarer. I think Joan would go for a slightly oversize white framed pair of sunglasses, like these ones in the Chic and Charming Amazon shop (white frame/smoke lens).

What Would Joan Drink for summer?
I think Joan would go for a Mai Tai, it is a little kitsch in that 1950s tiki bar kind of way. I'm personally a little obsessed with Mai Tais right now, but only if they're made with highest quality fresh ingredients. I don't think Joan would drink a Mai Tai out of a glass like this one, unless maybe she was somewhere tropical. I'm still kind of working on finding my favorite recipe, you can check out a bunch of Mai Tai recipes here.

Where Would Joan Vacation for summer?
At this point Joan is married to a Doctor (who I think is horrid). So, she could splurge, perhaps for the first time, on her summer getaway. I think Joan would go to Bermuda or California. Perhaps to Hollywood, where she'd spot a movie star out at a bar and try to make all the girls in the office jealous about it when she got home.

Images from ceetar.com, AMC, zeldasweetwater.com, amazon, flickr
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14 July 2009

Grey Gardens

Today HBO's Grey Gardens is available on DVD...buy it, netflix it...just see it!
And, don't forget to check out the documentary that started it all.

13 July 2009

Alice in Wonderland

So, I am sure those among my readers who subscribe to multiple blogs are well aware of Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie, to be released in March 2010. Character photographs and set concept art for the movie were released several weeks ago. I love the photos, but I am not going to post them again here when they are all over the internet already. Instead, I wanted to focus on a few details about the movie that you might not have noticed yet:
  • The movie is 3-D
  • Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is more of a sequel to the original Alice in Wonderland
  • Alice is 17 and on the verge of becoming engaged when she runs away to Wonderland
  • Alice doesn't necessarily remember her first trip to Wonderland
  • "The traditional tale has been freshened with a blast of girl power" (not sure how I feel about that, I tend to shy away from any use of the words girl power)
  • Alan Rickman plays The Caterpillar (I love Alan Rickman)
  • "So, it’s a mixture. The movie is a mixture of live action, animation, and stop motion, so it’s very complicated and I don’t think all three have been put together ever before,” reveals Rickman. “So I’ll be with a live action Alice. I will be a construct.”-Alan Rickman
  • Creatures of Wonderland are ready to revolt and are hoping/waiting for Alice to help them

Here are some additional links:
I expect that Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland will be hugely influential in the fashion and design communities and I look forward to see the movie and the art that it inspires.

Images from Vanity Fair
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10 July 2009

Charming Blogs: The Project Girl

I just discovered The Project Girl Blog, the perfect blog for girls obsessed with crafts, especially scrapbooking. I am personally not much of a scrapbooker, but I am obsessed with her daily planning worksheets, so stylish and yet so functional:

09 July 2009

The ten most overexposed luxury items

I've been discovering more and more that everyone is getting sick of the "it bag." I read it in the NYT, I see it discussed on blogs and I hear it from my friends. I want to take this current distaste with the "it bag" and expand it to other overexposed mastige items. There are certain luxury items that are SO overexposed that they've become common and completely unoriginal. In some cases these items are classics, but I feel they qualify for this list anyway, feel free to argue with me in the comments section.

Overexposed luxury items #1: Burbuery Plaid, has already been covered by C&C.

Overexposed luxury items #2: Most items sold by Coach, especially those covered with the C logo. Don't get me wrong, I still carry my Coach bags all the time, I just happen to own Coach bags that are more or less unidentifiable as Coach from the Outside. I love the quality of their leather, especially in their older bags. For example, I have this black leather clutch lined with a beautiful beige suede.

Overexposed luxury items #3: Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags. I know I'll probably get blow back on this one...these purses are still the ultimate status accessory. Once a luxury item is widely acknowledged to be "the ultimate status accessory" it is largely over. When I do spot one, I usually assume it is a fake.

Overexposed luxury items #4: The 1 karat+ platinum prong set diamond solitare engagement ring. These rings are usually so generic, and cost the same as a house downpayment. Can't we just get over it already? How about a beautiful white pearl ring? Or a stunning emerald? Or just a plain platinum band?

Overexposed luxury items #5: Anything that has the LV monogram. Louis Vuitton over exposure has been beaten to death on the blogosphere, I won't elaborate here.

Overexposed luxury items #6: Silver necklaces from Tiffany, especially Elsa Peretti hearts and Tiffany silver pendants reading "if lost please return." These pendants are especially popular in upper-middle class New York and New Jersey High Schools and College Soroities south of the Mason-Dixon line. I own four Elsa Peretti necklaces, I belong to none of those demographics.

Overexposed luxury items #7: The Rayban Wayfarer and its legions of knock-offs (isn't Rob Pattinson beautiful?)

Overexposed luxury items #8: Cristal is the beverage of choice of Miami trustafarian bimbos who think an UTI is a STD according to Tucker Max. There are tastier, less famous champagne than Cristal.

Overexposed luxury items #9: Hummers are so over...gone along with the days of conspicuous consumerism and a flush economy.

Overexposed luxury items #10: Karl Lagerfeld. The man is eccentric and lets not forget totally narcissistic. He made a teddy bear in his own likeness.

Image from mimifroufrou.com, justacasualobservation.blogspot.com, fashionboyny, neatorama.cachefly.net, photobucket, ponyundkleid, giftsinternational.net, cocoposts.typepad.com
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07 July 2009

British Vogue Blog

Fashionista just dropped a sweet little treat in my google reader...British Vogue, my very favorite magazine, now has a blog! It looks fabulous!
Image from venusasboy.wordpress.com

05 July 2009

Wanted: Death and Texas Bike Bag

I just got a bike! It was a gift from my fabulously generous parents to help on my summer quest to loose my graduate-school-stress-eating-belly-fat. With my bike on my brain as I browsed esty this morning, I was instantly drawn to the Death and Texas Bike Bag. This bag is truly a thing of beauty, a purse that you can latch to the front of your bike...but with real style! Beauty comes first in this case, which is quite unusual in bike accessory design. If you don't have a bike you should check out the other goodies at Death and Texas, they are equally awesome.

P.S. My hubby thinks I am looking for ways to 'pimp my ride'...he's probably right, there are likely more bicycle chic posts on the way!

Image from etsy

02 July 2009

When I grow up....

Strawberry Ice Cream with StrawberriesImage via Wikipedia

I've been reminiscing about my childhood lately, probably because I don't actually want to be an adult anymore. It just got me thinking about all those things kids say to their parents about how things are going to be SO different when they are adults:

When I grow up I'm going to eat ice cream for breakfast.
I do eat ice cream for breakfast.

When I grow up and have kids I'm going to buy them cabbage patch dolls, let them stay up as late as they want, watch what ever they want on TV and eat ice cream for breakfast.
My kids will eat only organic health food and they will never watch television...or so I tell myself, we'll see how well that actually works out for me if I ever have kids.

When I grow up I am going to watch TV until midnight!
Um, yeah, way to think big kid. I regularly watch trashy television into the wee hours of the morning.

When I grow up I am never going to make my kids do the dishes.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...isn't that like half the reason to have kids? So you don't have to do the dishes anymore?

When I grow up I'm going to marry Bruce Springsteen.
Where did that come from? Gross.

When I grow up I'm going to have a million dollars and I'm going to live in a giant mansion, with a whole turret for my bedroom.
A million dollars bought a mansion 100 years ago, not so much anymore.

When I grow up I am going to be the Queen of England.
So impossible on so many levels and besides Prince William is not nearly as hot as an adult as he was when we were both 12.
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